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  1. Hello Pavel, Dave


    Do you plan to include support for chips with 2 Usarts ?


    The chips are :-








    I need one of these to use in my new project.


    No one of these apears in supported list on the Web site.

    If there is some reason to not include them or there is updated list ?


    Thank you in advance,

    Radislav Yanai.

  2. Radik Yanai,
    Trying to configure PIC16F690, I can't find additional wizard files instead of 4 existing.

    Are you planning to add more files to installation ?

    Yes we are.

    Btw: You can't add new wizzard targets yourself :(




    Thank you Dave,

    I will try to "paint" my own wizard after understanding scripts in supplied examples.

    Only, It will take long time to test all configurations. :rolleyes:



  3. Hello,

    Trying to insert inline assembler code into ISR in order to preserve W,status and pclatch registers.

    (Do I need this code at all when using C-compiler ???)

    I try several combinations .... ('_', 'asm','_asm' .....)

    Do i need to include some additional header files ?


    Code :


    #include <system.h>

    #include "utils.h"

    #include "fsr4.h"


    #pragma CLOCK_FREQ 4000000




    // Interrupt context saving

    char context[ 3 ]@0x0000;

    // w_temp - context

    // status_temp - context+1

    // pclath_temp - context+2



    void interrupt()





    movwf _context // save off current W register contents

    movf _status,w // move status register into W register

    movwf _context+1 // save off contents of STATUS register

    movf _pclatch,w // move pclath register into W register

    movwf _context+2 // save off contents of PCLATH register




    // ISR 'C' code here




    movf _context+2,w // retrieve copy of PCLATH register

    movwf _pclatch // restore pre-isr PCLATH register contents

    movf _context+1,w // retrieve copy of STATUS register

    movwf _status // restore pre-isr STATUS register contents

    swapf _context,f

    swapf _context,w // restore pre-isr W register contents




    void main(void)


    .... my code

    .... my code




    I get the following error after build :



    Clean: Deleting intermediary and output files.

    Clean: Done.

    Executing: "E:\Program Files\SourceBoost\boostc.pic16.exe" fsr4.c -O1 -W1 -t 16F690

    BoostC Optimizing C Compiler Version 6.84 (for PIC16 architecture)


    Copyright© 2004-2007 Pavel Baranov

    Copyright© 2004-2007 David Hobday


    Licensed to Radislav Yanai under Single user Pro License for 1 node(s)

    Limitations: PIC12,PIC16 max code size:Unlimited, max RAM banks:Unlimited




    E:\MPL_Prj\fsr4\fsr4.c(23): error: error in built-in assembly

    E:\MPL_Prj\fsr4\fsr4.c(25): error: error in built-in assembly

    E:\MPL_Prj\fsr4\fsr4.c(34): error: error in built-in assembly

    E:\MPL_Prj\fsr4\fsr4.c(35): error: unknown assembly identifier '_pclatch'

    E:\MPL_Prj\fsr4\fsr4.c(36): error: error in built-in assembly

    E:\MPL_Prj\fsr4\fsr4.c(38): error: error in built-in assembly

    E:\MPL_Prj\fsr4\fsr4.c(39): error: error in built-in assembly



    BUILD FAILED: Tue Feb 05 23:45:22 2008


    Thank you all in advance,

    Radislav Yanai.

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