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  1. Dave, Yes, I have downloaded the same soft, builded with MCC18 on the MPLAB IDE and that works. But in the main file there is that : /** V E C T O R R E M A P P I N G *******************************************/ extern void _startup (void); // See c018i.c in your C18 compiler dir #pragma code _RESET_INTERRUPT_VECTOR = 0x000800 void _reset (void) { _asm goto _startup _endasm } #pragma code #pragma code _HIGH_INTERRUPT_VECTOR = 0x000808 void _high_ISR (void) { ; } #pragma code _LOW_INTERRUPT_VECTOR = 0x000818 void _low_ISR (void) { ; } #pragma code I have attached too the c018i.c file. I have tried to insert these lines into my code but the compilator doesn't like : _asm goto _startup _endasm Do I have to add these lines and link the c018i.o file with the project ? Best regards OtO c018i.txt
  2. Hi Dave, Thank you very much for your answer . Yes, there is a bootloader which take place from 0x000 to 0x7FF. So I need to relocate the code to 0x800. I have tried it with the -rb command added to the linker option. I think it's better but, visualy, the result is the same : nothing on the leds. (I have tried too -rb 0x7FF) Have you any other idea about this problem ? Thank you by advance Best regards OtO
  3. Hello, In first, I want to congratulate you and to thank you for your work ! Next, and this part is less happy , I would like to expose my problem : I work with a PIC 18f4550 installed on a Velleman K8055 USB Experiment Interface Board. To begin with your IDE and the BoostC++ compiler, I write a small "Hello world" source : #include <system.h> void main(void) { //Set the PORT B on output mode trisb = 0x00; while(true) { //Done flashing the eight leds connected to the port b portb = 0x55; delay_s(1); portb = 0xAA; delay_s(1); } } I select the toolsuit, the target device and I configure the clock rate in the "Settings" menu. I build the project and I get a success message on the output window. I upload the hex file to the PIC with an USB connection and the PDFSUSB uploader. But after that, nothing is visible. I have read in the BoostC++ Help file that some device configuration options need to be set with the #pragma DATA directive. Do these options correspond with the informations saved in the lkr files used by the MCC18 compiler ? And is it possible to transform these informations into #pragma DATA directives ? Below, a sample of the content of the lkr file that I use with the MCC18 compiler : CODEPAGE NAME=boot START=0x0 END=0x7FF PROTECTED CODEPAGE NAME=vectors START=0x800 END=0x0x829 PROTECTED (I have joined the complete file : rm18f4550.txt) Thank you by advance Best regards OtO rm18f4550.txt
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