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  1. Hi All, Not a big bug on the IDE or is it a feature ? (Just annoying when you have auto check for new version enabled on start-up) Bug description: Version check does not retrieve/request the correct version. Steps to reproduce: Call "New version check" on IDE v6.89 shows message box with: "Compiler version 6.88 is available on the compiler web site. Press "Download" to download the new compiler on your computer or "Web Page" to visit the compiler home page." Expected behaviour: Should show no message box since 6.89 is current and newer then 6.88. Is the problem 100% reproduceable: Every time. Some older releases did not have this issue but happens with most releases since beginning of the "Check update" function on my system. Tried to completely remove sourceboost and re-install -> same behavior. IDE version: SourceBoost Package V6.89 (Update on 6.88), Full License OS: WinXpPro SP3 (German) Also annoying on my German not US version of OS: When you hit the "Integrate"-button for Microchip/MPLab during install it shows the "Program Files" folder instead of "Programme" (default programs folder for German Windows versions). Was there not a system variable pointing to the default program files folder in the correct international format in Windows? Would be nice Anyway, keep up good SourceBoost; using it since C2C & Picant: Good product for programming PICs at leisure to relax from work. Thanx, Ralph
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