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  1. Hello there, Can come one help on setting up the condiguration fuses for PIC18F2550. I am using PIC18F2550 and I wanted to set the fuses so that PIC will use its internal oscillator ? Thanks in Advance !!!
  2. Code that you posted does not set fuses. Do you set them separatly? If not you'd better take a look at #pragma DATA. Regards, Pavel HI Pavel, Thanks for the Quick Reply..AM Unsure what fuew to set for the nternal Oscillator ? Can you help me in this Regard ? Thanks & Regards <Senthil/>
  3. Hello Guys, Am using the Below C Program for My Project . This basically blinks the LED. I want to configure the PIC to Use the internal osscilator as the Clock source. I had gone through lots of site and Documents but couldn’t find / couldn’t understand it.Please let me know how to proceed. Am using the SourceBoost c as the Complier and MPLAB ICD2 for Programming.After I compile and program the PIC .. I coudnt see the PIC Working ...Please help me in this Regard.Attached my Circuit for your reference. #include <system.h> #pragma CLOCK_FREQ 4800000 void main() { int i;
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