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  1. Installed 6.87 and all works fine now
  2. I installed MPLAB 8.1 after I had installed SourceBoost C 6.84. When I go into MPLAB and try and set the language tool location MPLAB doesn't recognise SourceBoost. I tried copying the SourceBoost files from the SourceBoost/MPLAB directory as stated in the README files into the <MPLAB IDE>\Third Party\MTC Suite however in version 8.1 this is now seems to be Microchip\MPLAB IDE\Core\MTC Suites, as this is where other mtc file are located. When I restarted MPLAB it still does recognise Sourceboost. Can anyone tell me how to register SourceBoost with MPLAB 8.1 as I would like to use my ICD2 debugger ???
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