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  1. Please download and unzip file http://www.sourceboost.com/CommonDownload/Fixes/pspawn.zip into your SourceBoost installation directory. This will replace existing pspawn.exe file and the new one should fix the problem. Regards, Pave
  2. We were able to reproduce the error. Don't yet know what the cause is. Will investigate. Regards, Pavel
  3. Check the first topic in this forum http://forum.sourceboost.com/index.php?showtopic=961 Regards, Pavel
  4. Don't see any bug yet: Make sure there is WinPic800.exe file inside C:\Program Files\WinPic800 enclose programmer path into double quotes (that's because there are spaces inside the path) Regards, Pavel
  5. SourceBoost IDE uses Scintilla control as its editor. Below is an extraction from Scintilla documentation that describes regular expression syntax. More info can be found here http://www.scintilla.org/ScintillaDoc.html#Searching . Matches any character \( This marks the start of a region for tagging a match. \) This marks the end of a tagged region. \n Where n is 1 through 9 refers to the first through ninth tagged region when replacing. For example, if the search string was Fred\([1-9]\)XXX and the replace string was Sam\1YYY, when applied to Fred2XXX this would generate Sam2YYY. \< This matches the start of a word. \> This matches the end of a word. \x This allows you to use a character x that would otherwise have a special meaning. For example, \[ would be interpreted as [ and not as the start of a character set. [...] This indicates a set of characters, for example, [abc] means any of the characters a, b or c. You can also use ranges, for example [a-z] for any lower case character. [^...] The complement of the characters in the set. For example, [^A-Za-z] means any character except an alphabetic character. ^ This matches the start of a line (unless used inside a set, see above). $ This matches the end of a line. * This matches 0 or more times. For example, Sa*m matches Sm, Sam, Saam, Saaam and so on. + This matches 1 or more times. For example, Sa+m matches Sam, Saam, Saaam and so on.
  6. Fixed in 7.05 that has been just released. Regards, Pavel
  7. You are right, if it happens "at random" it will be difficult to investigate and fix. All these sound like there may be shortage of resources or memory. How much ram does your computer have? How long has the IDE being run before these problems appear? Just had another thought. Our IDE uses a very old release of the third party editor. Try to use later version of this editor. To do this download "full download of Windows executables" from http://www.scintilla.org/SciTEDownload.html and extract file called SciLexer.dll into the SourceBoost installation directory (this will replace the SciLexer.dll file that comes with SourceBoost installation). Let us know if this makes any difference. I just tried this and all seems to work well. Regards, Pavel
  8. I could not reproduce the problem. Does this crash happen every time you save all on your computer? Does it happen with one particular project only? What is your OS? Are you logged in as admin or a user? Are files that you try to save from the open project? Any other info that may help? Regards, Pavel
  9. Any news on the release for PIC24/32 Sorry not much news here. We work on a new compiler architecture that will make it far easier to port it to new platforms but this work is still far from finish. Regards, Pavel
  10. Another option is to use function templates. This will make code much simplier compared with bitwise approach but internally code for 2 copies of the function will be generated. If you don't care about code space or your function is really small go with function templates: #define OUT_PORT 0 #define IN_PORT 1 template <unsigned char BitPosition> void read(void) { volatile bit sens @ PORTE.BitPosition; if (!sens) fail(1); //sensor not ready ... } //Read inside sensor read<IN_PORT>(); //Read outside sensor read<OUT_PORT>();
  11. I'd use bitwise operations: #define OUT_MASK 1 #define IN_MASK 2 void read(unsigned char mask) { if (!(porte & mask)) fail(1); //sensor not ready ... } //Read inside sensor read( IN_MASK ); //Read outside sensor read( OUT_MASK ); Regards, Pavel
  12. Novo headers will be included by default because we encourage to use it in all projects (well in almost all projects). There definitely are more technical reasons to use it rather than not. Regards, Pavel
  13. Go to Settings->Options->Browser and un-check the Novo option. Regards, Pavel
  14. Please try v7.04. We fixed couple of memory issues there so hopefully it will work better. Regards, Pavel
  15. Please zip your project directory and email to support@sourceboost.com Regards, Pavel Thank you for sending us the project. The problem appeared to be in the IDE that didn't handle projects that had spaces in them. It's now fixed and fix will be available in the next release. Meanwhile please rename your project so that there are no spaces in its name. Regards, Pavel
  16. Please zip your project directory and email to support@sourceboost.com Regards, Pavel
  17. Function info is generated by linker (because this information is only known when actual code is generated) so if project can't be linked no function info will be available. Regards, Pavel
  18. Our plans were to wait when MPLAB-X gets out of beta stage. However because of multiple user requests we consider releasing plugin earlier. The current state of the plugin is that it works well with BoostC compiler and previous MPLAB-X release. Before we release the plugin we need to check if any changes required because of the new MPLAB-X. Will try to finalise this within next couple of weeks. Regards, Pavel
  19. Yes we'll try to fix this by the next release. Regards, Pavel
  20. The Count number shouldn't be edited by hand. IDE takes care of it when new files are added to a project or removed from it. Make sure you close workspace (or exit IDE) to see the Count value changing. If it does not change please zip the project directory and email it along with a full path to this project location to support@sourceboost.com. We'll check if we can reproduce and fix the problem. Regards, Pavel
  21. You lost the Count value from project file: [Files] Count=1 File0=pr001.c Regards, Pavel PS: Code inside IDE that handles projects and workspaces was rewritten between 7.02 and 7.03. That's the reason you see bugs like this. We are very interested to fix those and appreciate any help. If you know how to reproduce a problem please let us know. If we can reproduce it we will fix it.
  22. Have you tried to use parallel compilation that has been added in v7? A 4-core computer can easily compile 5 source files in parallel what will reduce your compile time to couple of minutes. Another option is remote compilation (also introduced in v7) where a powerful remote computer can be set up as a build server. Regards, Pavel
  23. And that's exactly what your code instructs compiler to do. You declare variable in a header file and than include this header into multiple sources. Result will be o copy of this variable declared in every source file. Regards, Pavel
  24. We are not asking you not to use spaces. We ask you to try it. This will give us more information that will help to locate and fix the problem. If it still won't work error must be somewhere else. But if it will work we know exactly where the problem is. Regards, Pavel
  25. Here are a few of simple but very effective rules that are relevant to SourceBoost and most (if not any) other compilers: - use the smallest data type possible (i.e. code that operates on char variables is much shorter than code tat operates on longs) - use unsigned data types if possible (code that uses unsigned types is either same or often smaller than the code that uses signed) - use integer types rather than floats (code that uses floats is much-much bigger than the code that uses integers) Regards, Pavel
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