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  1. 6.x to 7.x upgrade policy has not been developed yet but it will likely be similar to the upgrade policies we had for 4.x to 5.x and 5.x to 6.x upgrades: users who bought 6.x licenses within couple of months of 7.0 release will get free upgrades and others will be entitled for discounted upgrade licenses. Regards, Pavel
  2. Thanks we are waiting patiently for that. Just to give you an idea how patient we are, I'm sure most of us could wait a few more hours, possibly even until tomorrow. So, don't rush or anything... Pre-release date has not been set and I don't feel comfortable to promise anything just yet. We have couple of smallish issues left and hopefully will have something available soon. Pavel
  3. Yes large array support will be available in SourceBoost release 7.0 that is under development. We plan to publish a pre-release of it sometimes soon. Regards, Pavel
  4. This bug has been fixed. It was caused by over-optimisation. The fix will be available in the next release. Regards, Pavel
  5. There is still something wrong here. SourceBoost works with COF files only. We had some limited COD file support but it was a long time ago (probably before 6.x release). Regards, Pavel
  6. Yes this looks like a bug. We'll investigate. Meanwhile please use a workaround: compile function that uses this expression with level 1 optimization (to do this put #pragma OPTIMIZE "1" just before the function). Regards, Pavel
  7. Does the message complain about B1802.cod or B1802.cof? The IDE only works with .cof files and MPASM doesn't seem to generate those. Regards, Pavel
  8. For now the best way to add C2C is to install SourceBoost 6.84 from here (this is the last release that included the C2C compiler) and than install latest SourceBoost release on the top of 6.84 installation. Regards, Pavel
  9. SourceBoost installation includes Novo RTOS that supports multitasking. You can find more info on http://www.sourceboost.com/Products/NovoRtos/Overview.html And full Novo RTOS manual is part of SourceBoost installation. Regards, Pavel
  10. Ctrl+Shift+L Take a look at the "Hot Keys" chapter in SourceBoost users manual. Regards, Pavel
  11. Sorry but your code is wrong. A void function will not return anything. I think you confuse function return value and values of function arguments. In this particular example function won't return anything but it's argument busy will change its value and this new value can be used after the function call. Regards, Pavel
  12. When function is called all its arguments should be specified. For void delaymsec(unsigned char delayms,bool &busy) call like delaymsec(); won't compile. Regards, Pavel
  13. Correct Wrong, This function returns int with the value used in return statement. If you want it to return values in delayms and busy pass them as references: void delaymsec(unsigned char &delayms,bool &busy) Yes, just use reference for busy only: void delaymsec(unsigned char delayms,bool &busy) Regards, Pavel
  14. Next SourceBoost release will support new way of setting config bits (same as Microchip started to use recently). Something like: #pragma config WDTEN = ON #pragma config OSC = HSPLL Hopefully this will reduce the number of confusions around the subject. Regards, Pavel
  15. We'll take a look. Beside couple of major features like long array support compiler won't change much. We do work on a new compiler core though that will be faster, smaller and hopefullycloser to ANSI C than the current compiler. Regards, Pavel
  16. Yes we do plan to release beta first. It's not ready yet though. Regards, Pavel
  17. Ya exactly thats the problem. Do you think reading the adc value inside the for loop would sort this out? I think initialisation of average is also required at the start of fresh conversion. Could this be ok? For moving average algorithm take a look at this topic http://forum.sourceboost.com/index.php?s=&...ost&p=15723 Pavel
  18. Pavel


    Yes. The limited version of Boostc wasn't what I needed, so I bought BoostC++. So when I use just BoostC, I am not licensed? No
  19. Pavel


    Registration does work. There are 2 possible reasons why you see the error: 1. Check that you use C++ compiler to compile your code 2. Make sure you re-compiled all source files and custom libraries used in your project using the registered C++ compiler. If after these checks you still get the error please post all build output from your project. Regards, Pavel
  20. I edited my post probably at the same time you were typing the reply. The answer to your question is there. Regards, Pavel
  21. The manual (you mean BoostC help, don't you) doesn't mention #IF or #DEFINE anywhere. These are now valid preprocessor keywords. It does mention #if and #define though. String literals won't work. Use numbers instead: #define apricot 1 #define banana 2 #define FRUIT apricot #if FRUIT==banana do this #else do that #endif Regards, Pavel
  22. This is easy to fix (at least for expressions that use addition and this is probably how offset is used most of the time). Will add into our todo list for 7.0 release. Pavel
  23. Same library sources are included into BoostC Pro and BoostC++ Pro licenses. C code compiled with BoostC++ will uses exactly the same amount of resources as BoostC. Class methods use extra resources to handle this pointer that is used to access class members (however if you try to implement similar functionality in C using struct and function pointers the resulting code will use approximately the same resources). In embedded world it's a good idea to combine C and C++ code. As an example imagine a C function that disables interrupts at start and enables them before return. If such function has many return points each of them should have code that enables interrupts. A better solution will be to use a class that disables interrupts in its constructor and enables them in destructor and replace all code from such function that enables/disables interrupts with just one line that declares a variable of this class at the start of the function. Regards, Pavel
  24. Good point. We'll take look at this. Probably a separate download package will be the most convenient way for both sides. Regards, Pavel
  25. Yes this is the plan. We will be releasing 6.97 and 7.0 pre-release by the end of this year. The main feature of 6.97 is added support for new Microchip PIC16F1x core. And 7.0 will have a bunch of other new features. Regards, Pavel
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