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  1. A new version of SourceBoost 7.30 is ready and available to download from http://www.sourceboost.com What's new: 1. Improved compiler speed. Now it is about 3x faster. 2. Added IP library that implements the following protocols: ARP, ICMP (ping only), IP, UDP, DHCP (client) and simplified UDP sockets. 3. General improvements of BoostWizard 4. Added support for board files into BoostWizard 5. Added support for binary semaphores into Novo 6. Added UDP demo project (requires Novo libraries from goodies.exe) 7. Added support for 16F1459 and 16LF1708 8. Fixed code generation for left shift of byte by 16 9. Fixed error when result of complex expression that used left shift wasn't promoted to 32 bits 10. Added detailed description of long promotion into compiler help Regards, Pavel
  2. Log in as administrator, start preg and register again. It's important to be logged in as administrator as just running preg as administrator may not be enough. If this fails start command prompt (as administrator), navigate to your SourceBoost installation directory and start compiler followed by the 'register' command line argument like: boostc_pic16.exe register This will open a registration dialog to enter your license details. Re-compile all your source files after you enter your license information. If you don't linker may think that obj files were compiled with unregistered compiler copy and will complain. Regards, Pavel
  3. No variable arguments are not supported and we don't plan to add support for it. The reason behind is a very long generated code required to properly support this feature. Regards, Pavel
  4. I have corrected the tutorial code to produce correct delays. Regards, Pavel
  5. You need to used the floating point library built with the same compiler version that you use (in your case 6.97). Normally it's the library included into SourceBoost installation that you use. From your post it sounds that this might not be the case. Tip: try to add linker command line argument -v. This will trigger more detailed linker output which might tell more details about this problem. Regards, Pavel
  6. We have beta IP stack almost ready. Currently it includes IP, ARP, ICMP, DHCP and UDP and offers posix like socket API to send and receive data. TCP is not there yet but we plan to add it sometime soon. The code is based on the development board PIC-MAXI-WEB from https://www.olimex.com/Products/PIC/Development/PIC-MAXI-WEB and is designed to work with all PIC18 targets that support hardware ethernet. We need to know if there is enough interest for this code to release is soon as beta or if people prefer to wait and get a more stable release. Regards, Pavel
  7. Pavel

    Error Reporting

    Hmm we haven't changed error reporting between 7.21 and 7.22 Please provide a short example that doesn't generate a acceptable error message. Regards, Pavel
  8. That's because when you installed 7.22 it overwrote the BoostBuild patch reverting back to one that you had originally and that was broken. You need to install SourceBoost 7.22 and than install BoostBuild patch from the link in the previous post http://www.sourceboo...ostbuild722.exe You have never responded if you have checked your antivirus.It could be the cause of the compilation speed issues you have. Regards, Pavel
  9. You need to use SourceBoost 7.22 Regards, Pavel
  10. Please download BoostBuild path from the link below and install it into your SourceBoost installation directory: http://www.sourceboost.com/CommonDownload/Fixes/boostbuild722.exe Let us know if it works for you. Regards, Pavel
  11. The BoostBuild system in 7.22 is broken again (Sorry about this.) We will prepare a patch for you today or tomorrow and let you know via this thread or PM. BTW did you check if that's your antivirus who slows down the compilation? Regards, Pavel
  12. The compiler start up time consists of two major parts: executable decompression and code parsing. The compiler executable is stored in a compressed format and every time it is launched it is decompressed. The second time hungry component is code parser that was built on a technology that was the best at the time the compiler development was started but as it turned out isn't the fastest. Things that will speed up the compilation in the order of importance are bigger computer RAM, faster CPU and faster HD. For example code that takes 5sec to compile on my i7/8G/SSD desktop takes about 30sec under virtual machine that runs on the same desktop. Another option that will speeds up compilation considerably when compiling multiple source files is to start compiler once with all source files passed in compiler command line rather than starting compiler for every source sile separatly (or use one big file for the source code rathet than many smaller files). And lastly if using SourceBoost sbmake.exe utility (that is used by SourceBoost IDE when the build command is issued, by Mplab X but not by MPLAB) use multiple build threads (default is 1). Compiler is slow, linker is fast. Build your stable code into a library and add this library into your project. Check if your anti virus slows compiler start up. The delay introduced by anti virus may be considerable. If you have a fast desktop and slow laptop it may be worth to try the SourceBoost BoostBuild server. Enable server service on the desktop and use the -pp copliler option when compiling on the laptop (for more information see the Remote Build System chapter in the SourceBoost user manual). Regards, Pavel PS: There seems to be something wrong with the remote build system in the 7.21 release. We are looking into this and fix will be available soon.
  13. #include <system.h> //don't include BoostCPic18.h or BoostCPic18.h #include <string.h> //under MPLAB or MPLAB X add 'libc.pic18.lib' to your project //Target PIC18F67K22 configuration word (please add) //Set clock frequency (modify to suit your board) #pragma CLOCK_FREQ 4000000 int x@0x100; void interrupt( void ) { } void interrupt_low( void ) { } void main( void ) { char string[] = "My test"; x = strlen(string); //Endless loop while( 1 ) ; } When you say compiler shows error or is not recognised by the compiler do you really mean compiler or it's MPLAB who shows the errors? If that's MPLAB it doesn't necessarily mean that the code is wrong, just that MPLAB doesn't know how to parse it. Regards, Pavel
  14. The MplabX issue hasn't bee fixed yet Check you pragma DATA syntax and weather the target supports _CONFIG1L or use pragma config instead. Regards, Pavel
  15. Take a look at this forum topic Adding Support For A New Target Into Sourceboost Ide: http://forum.sourceboost.com/index.php?showtopic=5271 Regards, Pavel
  16. Try to add #pragma CLOCK_FREQ into the project code with the number that matches the clock rate set in IDE and rebuild your project. Regards, Pavel
  17. Plugin rc is available from http://www.sourceboost.com/CommonDownload/Binaries/plugins721rc7.exe Regards, Pavel
  18. Support for these targets has been added into the 7.21 release candidate available from http://www.sourceboost.com/CommonDownload.html (PIC16F24K50/25K50/45K50 please add them to the BoostCPic18.h system header if you want to use these targets) Regards, Pavel
  19. SourceBoost 7.21 release candidate is availabel to download from http://www.sourceboost.com/CommonDownload.html This release fixes all major known issues, adds support for couple new targets (16F24K50/25K50/45K50 please add them to the BoostCPic18.h system header if you want to use these targets), support for arrays inside linear address range for PIC16 with extended instruction set and adds the 'reset layout' IDE command. There will be another release sometimes soon as this release candidate has an unresolved yet issues around dynamic memory allocation functionality for PIC16 with extended instruction set that we still investigate. Apart from that everything else seems to work fine. All our regression tests have passed so please try this rc and let us know if you find any problems. Regards, Pavel
  20. First I'd try to figure out it this is Mplab or BoostC who causes the problem. Can you try to build your project outside of Mplab (under SourceBoost IDE or just command line). Regards, Pavel
  21. Before entering the license key please make sure you are logged in as administrator. By 'impossible' do yuo mean that the name and key fields become grayed out. That's how it is supposed to work. Just press the OK button and this will show another form to enter your IDE license name and key. SourceBoost IDE and BoostC compilers use different license keys. An IDE licens ekey will not work with the compiler and vice versa. SourceBoost IDE executable is exactly the same on the Farnel CD or downloaded from SourceBoost web site (given they have the same release number) and lite key will work with any of them. If preg doesn't work for you try to register from command line. To do this open command prompt, navigate to your SourceBoost installation directory and launch ide.exe follofed by the 'register' command line argument like: ide register This will launch an 'Enter key' dialog where you can enter your IDE license details. Regards, Pavel
  22. This issue has been fixed. Fix will be available in the coming release 7.21 Regards, Pavel
  23. 7.04 (not available) 7.05 7.10 7.11 7.12 Regards, Pavel
  24. No it's not (or we are looking at different code). If the if(something) part evaluates to true it executes the return statement and never gets to the do something else part: unsigned char i2c_WRITE(unsigned char i2c_data) { ... if (T_MODE & i2c_HW) //<<<<<<<< if this evaluates to true { ... return (0); // successful exit //<<<<< this code exits the function and //<<<<< code further down is not executed } // here for i2c software driver l_wcol = 0; // clear write collision flag i2c_SSPBUF = i2c_data; ... } Regards, Pavel
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