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  1. BoostC does retain sign in signed shifts. In your test code though you use 'char' and 'unsigned char' which are same types. You need to replace 'char' with 'signed char'. Regards, Pavel
  2. IDE is registered during installation. But sometimes something goes wrong and registration fails (we don't yet know what causes this). To fix this IDE key needs to be entered using preg: name: Default Lite Key key: 0D7D-A279-549A-DD9B-6CB0-1709-E31A-1276-C085-7220-5A41 Regards, Pavel
  3. The 7 segment plugin will be available in the next release. Pavel
  4. The crash was caused by stack overflow. We will need to restructure compiler code a bit to prevent this from happening. The wrong jump is on our todo list. Regards, Pavel
  5. A new SourceBoost release candidate V7.20RC3 is available to download from http://www.sourceboost.com/CommonDownload.html This release fixes all knows serious issues reported earlier. Please give it a try. What's new: 1. fixed ide crash at startup (happens when last project that is being opened at startup contains TODO or FIXME in its sources) 2. fixed incomplete code generation for pointers increment and decrement when large memory model is used 3. fixed binary or problem with 8 and 16 bit long constants 4. user selection for "enable build server" setup setting is remembered between installations Regards, Pavel
  6. Fixed in 7.20RC3 that is available to download from http://www.sourceboost.com/CommonDownload.html Thanks for reporting. Regards, Pavel
  7. Fixed in the coming 7.20 release Regards, Pavel
  8. Sorry about this. It is indeed a problem. It will be fixed in the next release 7.20 that will be available in couple of days. Regards, Pavel
  9. The reason compiler operates only on the low byte of a pointer in increment/decrement operations is based on the optimiser knowledge about the compiler limitation that an object (increment/decrement is used only on elements of an objects such as an array or a string) must live in one memory bank and will never cross memory bank boundaries. When this is true the high pointer byte does not need to be changed. However this stopped to be the case when long index feature for PIC18 was introduced and we missed its impact on pointer increment/decrement code. Hopefully this makes sence (let us know if we missed something) Summary: compiler generates wrong code when pointer is incremented or decremented but only for PIC18 targets and only when long index compiler command line argument is used (-idx 2) Fortunately this is very easy to fix and fix will be available in the next release (or patch). Regards, Pavel
  10. I think I see the problem. We fixed the offset part but missed the increment size. Will investigate further. Thanks for being persistent. Regards, Pavel
  11. Only one case "if ((hop.timeout += 1) == HOPPER_TIMEOUT)" was not fixed. All others should be fine. Please confirm which one is not working for you. Regards, Pavel
  12. Fixed. A new rc (or final release) that includes this fix will be available soon. Regards, Pavel
  13. I think this comes from your previous NMB file. When I try the new NMB on a fresh MplabX installation on a computer that has never MplabX installed before it picks the correct linker. A fix will be to either point MplabX to the 'correct' linker file or copy the 'correct' linker file to a file with the name that MplabX uses. Regards, Pavel
  14. SourceBoost V7.12 Release candidate 1 is available to download from http://www.sourceboost.com/CommonDownload/Binaries/sourceboost712rc1.exe Please try it and let us know if you find any problems. Regards, Pavel
  15. Please try updated MplabX toolchain file http://www.sourceboost.com/CommonDownload/Fixes/com-sourceboost-toolchain.nbm Uninstall and remove the old SourceBoost toolchain file from MplabX first and than download the updated toolchain into your SourceBoost 7.11 installation directory and follow the instructions from MplabX Integration document. This file was tested with MplabX 1.70 and seems to work fine. It will be included into the coming SourceBoost 7.12 release. Regards, Pavel
  16. Use of boostbuild server will not make compilation of a project parallel. The server was designed to be able to compile multiple project in parallel but not multiple files from the same project. (In other words multiple users can use the server simultaneously). If you want to use parallel compilation for files from the same project you need to enable parallel build in the ide (and this does not do anything with boostbuild server). This will control the make command line issued by the ide to include the -j command line options and this command line option will let make to compile multiple source files in parallel (note that only the 'build' command from the ide will use make, if you just press 'compile' no make will be used and as result there will be no parallel compilation). Regards, Pavel
  17. This error has been fixed and fix will be available in the next release/update. Meanwhile as a workaround please don't use -O2 optimisation level for functions that generate the wrong code. Thanks for reporting. Regards, Pavel
  18. If you want to keep using the old linker name try the updated dummy linker from http://www.sourceboost.com/CommonDownload/Fixes/dummy_linker.zip This dummy linker will display the same warning as the one included into the SourceBoost installation but it will also start the correct linker. To install download and unzip it into your SourceBoost installation directory. Regards, Pavel
  19. SourceBoost v7.11 is available to download from the main download page at http://www.sourceboo...onDownload.html Change log fixed debugger watch issue when debugger incorrectly handled structs that contained pointers fixed errors in compiler code generation for comparison expressions that contained signed short vars installation now shows confirmation when MPLAB integrate and VC++ 2008 redist buttons are pressed fixed ide problem when words TODO or FIXME in the sources caused file save problems fixed BoostC++ integration into ide that was broken in 7.10 release fixed settings and build problems in several examples supplied in the installation fixed watch window for very big values for unsigned long type fixed problem when debug session wasn't closed correctly when another workspace was opened during debugging boostlink.exe renamed into boostlink_picmicro.exe installation modified to check DEP settings only if wmic.exe is present installation updated to include vc2008 redistributives removed -swcs linker option from proj file (this option is stored in config file and is auto-generated if missing in novo projects) re-built lcd_helper.lib library from BoostBasic examples using latest tools open workspace now lets user select from both workspace and project files ide changed to store extra options in config file updated ide check for novo based projects that have missing -swcs linker option fixed random ide crash fixed bug when ide did not enclose prebuild.bat and postbuild.bat commands into double quotes if their path contained spaces fixed (disabled?) crash under Windows 7 64bit "The activation context being deactivated is not the most recently activated one" fixed bug in error reporting when target config file was not found PIC18 eeprom library split into 2: 8 and 16 bit addressing fixed Novo bug: tasks executed when not expected. Caused by incorrect capture to maximum task priority. added #ifndef and #endif into system headers to prevent multiple inclusion of header files. added sorting for files in the workspace tree updated mplabx plugin fixed problem when compiler was reported an error for function pointer declaration when one extern and another not extern were used fixed problem in IDE when wizard didn't work if there was no active project (i.e. in empty workspace) fixed problem when release build didn't parse empty bit names in config file correctly (i.e. BitNames = "","","","NOT_TO","NOT_PD","Z","DC","C" fixed problem when optimisation (dead code removal) was being applied when it shouldn't. fixed linker bug when code page switch lost in some functions containing asm code fixed problem when setup didn't stop build service and this caused error later when service file was supposed to be overwritten fixed problems with expressions enclosed into parentheses increased various preprocessor limits like macros size or include depth
  20. Please let us know if you find any problems in 7.11rc1. We plan to do 7.11 final release on Feb 17th. Regards, Pavel
  21. This issue has been fixed and the fix available starting from 7.11rc1
  22. Sorting of file names in the project window is available starting from 7.11 rc1
  23. I can't reproduce this one. Find next always scrolls to the next match even if it's inside a folded section (the section gets unfolded) This one has been fixed and will be available in 7.11 (not rc1 but whatever comes next) As mentioned above I can't reproduce this. Scroll always works for me. The current directory in find/replace dialog is remembered between searches. So what is selected is what was used in the last find/replace operation. To navigate to project directory there is a dedicated button next to the location field (the one with dot in it). Just type *.c or *.c;*.h into the search filter field. Click on the folding margin with Shift and Crtl pressed. This will fold or unfold all (as stated in users manual on page 26). Regards, Pavel
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