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  1. This one has been fixed. Fix will be available in the next release. Regards, Pavel
  2. BoostC has been fixed. Fix will be available in the next update. Regards, Pavel
  3. No it's not. Why do you want to do this? Regards, Pavel
  4. No BoostC doesn't support bit fields. Bit fields generate far too much code even in "big" compilers like gcc. Do other PIC compilers support bit fields? Do they generate efficient code? Regards, Pavel
  5. Yes you should be able to use any bootloader that is located at the end of program memory. Regards, Pavel
  6. This problem has been fixed in SourceBoost 5.6.1 release. It can also be fixed manually following notes from <source boost dir>\mplab\readme.txt file. Regards, Pavel
  7. The source code from your sample contains an error. It misses semicolon after 'default'. Regards, Pavel
  8. SourceBoost 5.6.1 that includes BoostC 1.1 Alpha is available to download. It's a bug fix release for BoostC compiler. Thanks to everbody who reported problems in the first BoostC alpha release. We tried to fix them all. If anybody got some BoostC code to share we'll be happy to publish it on the compiler web pages. Regards, Pavel
  9. This is a part of software protection. The error will go away in couple of days. To fix it earlier send a mail to support@picant.com (please mention which product you are trying to start when you see this message) and I'll mail you back a fixclock code and instructions how to apply it. Regards, Pavel
  10. BoostC doesn't work with function pointers yet. Regards, Pavel
  11. Not yet. Regards, Pavel
  12. Not yet. Delay functions will be added later. regards, Pavel
  13. Ahh this is a beauty of variables with fixed addresses Since they are already located they don't collide even if declared in different source files. Regards, Pavel
  14. Thanks for the report but this is not a bug. If you try to do same under MS Visual C++ it will also complain: test.obj : error LNK2005: "char x" (?x@@3DA) already defined in main.obj You need to declare these global variables as 'static' (or make 'static' at least one of them). Regards, Pavel
  15. Problem fixed. Update will be available soon. Regards, Pavel
  16. Problem fixed. Update will be available soon. Regards, Pavel
  17. Problem fixed. Update will be available soon. Regards, Pavel
  18. Now I'm confused. In the first port 'ajvangelder' asked about BoostC integration. In his next mail he asked about C2C. BoostC and C2C are different compilers and installation offers only BoostC integration (which btw will integrate BoostC into MPLAB but as MPLAB can't read .COFF output file generated by BoostC it will report build error) Regards, Pavel
  19. Delay functions are not yet supported. We plan to add them even before final release. Regards, Pavel
  20. Don't use D'' arount the argument. Will add this to my todo list. Regards, Pavel
  21. I want to add that even when this problem gets fixed it's still not a good idea to declare a global string as this memory will be occupied forever (of course 'forever' in terms of program run). It's better to either use 'rom' storage specifier when it's implemented: rom char *ptr = "blah-blah"; or declare string inside function as than compiler will reuse memory occupied by the string. In the code below both strings will share same data memory: ... foo( "test" ); foo( "data" ); ... Regards, Pavel
  22. Look slike the problem is in line: const char *string = " test string1 #"; I will check this. Meanwhile move pointer initialization outside the global scope. Regards, Pavel
  23. You should never include boostc.h into your code. It is already included via system.h Regards, Pavel
  24. You need to post some code that illustrates the problem and maybe notes how to reproduce it. Otherwise it's very difficult to say what may be wrong. Regards, Pavel
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