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  1. In the following code I can CALL to a named function, but I cannot GOTO a named function so I cannot keep the stack balanced when I transition in and out of the downloader. Do I need to mungle the name of the destination? Ver 6.95.... void the_int( void )@0x0008 { asm { goto 0x1008 } } void the_int_low( void )@0x0018 { asm { goto 0x1018 } } // Downloader restart void restart( void ); void Load_Start( void )@0x0010 { asm { call restart - this works fine goto restart - this does not work - "restart" not found } }
  2. Yeah!! - new version. Release notes say there is a map file - how do I get it????? I have tested the fixed address function - thanks, this will save me all kinds of effort in work-arounds. I do notice that GOTO and CALL are treated differently for a program at 0x1000 void on_init( void ); void magic_foo( void ) @0x1020 { asm { CALL on_init --- compiles GOTO on_init --- does not compile further GOTO 0x2000 --- compiles wihout error but produces 1020 magic_foo_00000 1020 ; { magic_foo; function begin 1020 ECBFF008 CALL on_init_00000 1024 EF7DF006 GOTO 0x10000CFA <------ note the GOTO target has been changed. 1028 0012 RETURN 102A ; } magic_foo function end
  3. Hi all I need to build a jump table into a downloader. I'd prefer to use GOTO instructions in asm() statements but thety generally give me errors, as follows: #define glod_foo 0x010 void jump_loader( void ) { asm { glod_foo EQU 0x010 - error goto glod_foo - error goto fred_will - NO error goto 0x010 - error call 0x010 - no error fred_will: - no error } } In short - it seems I can GOTO a label or CALL to a literal (number). I'd really like to GOTO a literal. Thanks, Paul
  4. I would love to have a map file. I'd like to be able to find variables and code addresses sorted by name and by address. Thanks, Paul
  5. Unfortunatly you can't change current IDE behaviour. It can have only one current target and will always overwrite makefile. You'll need to create your own makefile and build from command line to be able to build for multiple targets. However this sounds like an interesting IDE enchancement with lots of benefits. We'll add this task into our to-do list and hopefully one of the future IDE releases will support this. Regards, Pavel Good. Thanks. In my case I am making four targets - firmware for two related products which I need to compile for two different processors - 18F25J10 and 18F25K20. I need to be able to pass at least one define to the compiler as well as a processor selection.
  6. Hi everyone - this is my first post in a forum anywhere.... I need to make multiple target files from a single build. I've discovered there is a SourceBoost MAKE facility. It is invoked with: "MAKE -f <makefile>" and you can get usage usage info with "MAKE -help". Support@sourceboost informs me there is no documentation available for the make. If anyone has info to share I would appreciate it. I can write now write my own makefile and run it in a command window - the problem is that I am now used to doing my build in the IDE and I am used to the convenience clicking on my build errors. Unfortunately, the IDE seems to rewrite the makefile for every build. Is there any way to turn behavior off?
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