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  1. Hi Dave, The problem is still there in V7.03 I like having spaces in my file names. All versions of windows past 3.11 support file names with spaces- its standard now, SB should support this.
  2. Hi What is the correct way to define and use inline functions ? h1.h void foo(); h1.c inline void foo() { ... } void f() { foo(); } this works. --- main.c #include "h1.h" void main() { foo(); } i get unknown external function error from the linker ?
  3. OK, thanks. I thought that would be the case. I'll impliment an external RAM device and use that.
  4. Hi, What is the max ram buffer size i can create? My PIC is a 16F1826, it has 384 bytes or RAM unsigned char OutBuffer[100]; Memory Usage Report =================== Error: No remaining RAM block (on target) big enough for: 'OutBuffer' size:100 bytes 'OutBuffer' size:100 bytes RAM available:384 bytes, used:228 bytes (59.4%), free:156 bytes (40.6%), Heap size:0 bytes, Heap max single alloc:0 bytes ROM available:4096 words, used:0 words (0.0%), free:4096 words (100.0%) There is lots of RAM avaliable, im just not allowed to use it
  5. Hi, After each compile, clicking link causes the following error to occur: Clicking link again performs the link as expected. Any ideas? SB702
  6. Thanks, I've not seen the call tree window before. Fixed now. - also, if the compiler sees a function that contains no code except function calls, like this: void f() { func1(); func2(); } main() { ... some code. f(); f(); ... some code. } Does it optimise out the call to f() and call func1() and func2() directly? That would save a stack level main() { ... some code. func1(); func2(); func1(); func2(); ... some code. }
  7. Hi, SB V7.02 Serious Warning: Call stack usage exceeds:16! Call Stack Usage Report ======================= main and Task(s): hw used:8, exceeded by:0 interrupt: hw used:11, exceeded by:0 I have no idea what the above is trying to tell me? Anyone care to decode the cryptic messages? Ive looked in the .tree file to see the call stacks, and cant make head nor tail of it. Its not formatted at all !!
  8. Hi, 1MHz clock, delay_us(20) produces a delay of 100us (seen on scope) - a very useful function, thanks. :angry: What does this mean: Caution: argument of 'delay_us' calls must have a value of 1 or more Caution: Delay inaccurrate: 'delay_us', Delay overhead:0.048ms, Unit delay:0.001ms, Delay resolution:16 units
  9. Anyone know what this error means? not a very useful description.. failure Z:\Tech\Projects\Sensor\Software\V00_01\DebugComms.c(32): error: failure Failed to locate output file 'DebugComms.obj' Done Failed
  10. A while ago, i thought there was a pinned thread with command lines for different programmers; anyone know where this is now?
  11. Hi, How does one write inline C in this compiler? inline void DisableTmr2(); : : inline void DisableTmr2() { // } error: Declared inline function 'DisableTmr2' ?
  12. I think it is zero-based, e.g. 0,0 is 1st char, first line, 0,1 is first char 2nd line.
  13. The LCD plugin appears to be broken, try this code, the 1st char is on the 2nd line, and the rest is on the 1st line. #define LCD_ARGS 0, /* Interface type: mode 0 = 8bit, 1 = 4bit(low nibble), 2 = 4bit(upper nibble) */ \ 1, /* Use busy signal: 1 = use busy, 0 = use time delays */\ PORTC, TRISC, /* Data port and data port tris register */ \ PORTA, TRISA, /* Control port and control port tris register */ \ 3, /* Bit number of control port is connected to RS */ \ 2, /* Bit number of control port is connected to RW */ \ 1 /* Bit number of control port is connected to Enable */ #include <lcd_driver.h> // include the LCD template code void main() { adcon1 = 00001110b; lcd_setup(); lcd_gotoxy(0, 1); lprintf( "This on line 2?" ); : :
  14. Is there a download link for the V6 plugins? I downloaded the ZIP package for V697 but its just sourceboost V6
  15. I use 12F devices more than any other and was really hoping simulation would be avaliable in V7 for the 12F683 Although, the 16F devices are now so cheap, im thinking of moving up..
  16. hi, does anyone have a project that uses the LCD simulator they wish to share? ive tried a few off the web and they dont appear to work
  17. Hi, I now have V7 boostC. Nothing appears to have changed except the IDE now has a release/debug drop down menu. Never mind, the upgrade was free anyway. So, do the V6.97 plugins work with v7 (i bought the v6.97 plugins for v6.97 and have a valid licence). If not, do i need to buy v7 plugins? If i do need to buy v7 plugins, what EXACTLY has changed in the plugins?
  18. The differences i have found in V6 to V7 are: 1. bool return value 2. a debug / release drop down menu in the IDE that appears to do nothing 3. my licence key only worked for a week then it died. 4. function pointers now appear to compile, but i havnt tested the generated code. - you can run V6 and V7 next to each other, change the default install location to /program files/sourceboost7/ Version 7 will take the file ascioation (when you double click a file, V7 opens), but you can change this back in windows explorer folder options -> file types.
  19. I'd like to know what it means too. Ive had it on every project ive worked on, and its in version 6 too. Ive sent code to sourceboost before in the past, and its still not fixed?!
  20. I con no longer use the compiler?! Good job I have a backup of version 6.96 "C:\Program Files\SourceBoost7\boostc_pic16.exe" -t PIC12F609 -idx 1 -obj Release -d _RELEASE main.c BoostC Optimizing C Compiler Version 7.00 (for PIC16 architecture) http://www.sourceboost.com Copyright© 2004-2010 Pavel Baranov Copyright© 2004-2010 David Hobday Current license key has expired. Please visit http://www.sourceboost.com for updates. Failed to locate output file 'Release\main.obj' Done Failed
  21. Hi, now using version 7.0, on win7, with the source files on a network drive. When typing in the ide code editor, the characters are not appearing on the screen for maybe 100ms each, e.g. if i copy and paste a function, CTRL-V 5 times in a row, nothing appears in the editor for a whole second, then all the text appears at once. This may be fine if you look at the keyboard when typing, but i dont, so its effectivly made the product unusable! I have no idea what on earth the IDE is doing in this time? I opened notepad, and opened the source file and did the same test, it works instantly.
  22. Looking to use the 16F1827 soon, will this be added within a month?
  23. compile and link the code in the 1st post. That demostrates the problem.
  24. No, please re-read the thread. I'm saying the original post #1 code doesnt work unless the inline is removed. Im also saying the compiler should optimise out the additinal function call generated in post "Posted Feb 19 2010, 05:00 PM"
  25. 6.96 I would expect both to work, becuase the function is DEFINED in the header file, but DECLAIRED in the C file. This practise is usefull when writing drivers: e.g. my digial pot driver might look like this: static void __ExecuteCmd(char cmd) { // do work. } void Inc() { __ExecuteCmd(INC_POT); } void Dec() { __ExecuteCmd(DEC_POT); } So, in main, the user calls Inc(); which calles __ExecuteCmd(...). I also expect the compiler to simply call __ExecuteCmdINC_POT) each time it sees Inc() because otherwise, it uses an extra stack level, and extra instructions, which is a waste. I know i could just call __ExecuteCmd(..) from main, but then its not a simple driver, its hard to use etc....
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