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  1. Somehow i manged to get it connected but now no device pipes are opened !! can any body help me Regards, Darshan
  2. Hi Ian Harris, i am using pic18f2550 with 20Mhz self power mode my config settings are as follows . i am using one of your muse example but not able to enumerate device . #pragma DATA _CONFIG1L, _PLLDIV_5_1L & _CPUDIV_OSC4_PLL6_1L & _USBDIV_2_1L #pragma DATA _CONFIG1H, _FOSC_HSPLL_HS_1H & _FCMEN_OFF_1H & _IESO_OFF_1H #pragma DATA _CONFIG2L, _PWRT_ON_2L & _BOR_OFF_2L & _VREGEN_ON_2L #pragma DATA _CONFIG2H, _WDT_OFF_2H & _WDTPS_128_2H #pragma DATA _CONFIG3H, _CCP2MX_OFF_3H & _LPT1OSC_OFF_3H & _PBADEN_OFF_3H & _MCLRE_OFF_3H #pragma DATA _CONFIG4L, _STVREN_ON_4L & _LVP_OFF_4L & _DEBUG_OFF_4L & _XINST_OFF_4L #pragma DATA _CONFIG5L, _CP0_OFF_5L & _CP1_OFF_5L & _CP2_OFF_5L & _CP3_OFF_5L #pragma DATA _CONFIG5H, _CPB_OFF_5H & _CPD_OFF_5H #pragma DATA _CONFIG6L, _WRT0_OFF_6L & _WRT1_OFF_6L & _WRT2_OFF_6L & _WRT3_OFF_6L #pragma DATA _CONFIG6H, _WRTC_OFF_6H & _WRTB_OFF_6H & _WRTD_OFF_6H #pragma DATA _CONFIG7L, _EBTR0_OFF_7L & _EBTR1_OFF_7L & _EBTR2_OFF_7L & _EBTR3_OFF_7L #pragma DATA _CONFIG7H, _EBTRB_OFF_7H could you please help me out for the same . Regards, Darshan
  3. Hi i am also writing code for PIC18F2550 using picpack . i have designed my own board. I am also not able to enumerate device i am having 20Mhz crystal and following settings could you please confrom your settings. // Config for 20Mhz crystal, FS USB (half 96Mhz=48Mhz) CPU clock at 16Mhz (96Mhz/6) // Only clock CPU at 16Mhz since this is about the maximum at 3v. :-( //_CPUDIV_OSC4_PLL6_1L /*for 20 Mhz crystal */ //#pragma DATA _CONFIG1L, _PLLDIV_5_1L & _CPUDIV_OSC4_PLL6_1L & _USBDIV_2_1L #pragma DATA _CONFIG1H, _FOSC_HSPLL_HS_1H & _FCMEN_OFF_1H & _IESO_OFF_1H #pragma DATA _CONFIG2L, _PWRT_OFF_2L & _BOR_OFF_2L & _VREGEN_ON_2L // this must be ON with VUSB 0.1uf GND #pragma DATA _CONFIG2H, _WDT_OFF_2H & _WDTPS_128_2H #pragma DATA _CONFIG3H, _CCP2MX_OFF_3H & _LPT1OSC_OFF_3H & _PBADEN_OFF_3H & _MCLRE_ON_3H #pragma DATA _CONFIG4L, _STVREN_OFF_4L & _LVP_OFF_4L & _DEBUG_ON_4L & _XINST_OFF_4L #pragma DATA _CONFIG5L, _CP0_OFF_5L & _CP1_OFF_5L & _CP2_OFF_5L & _CP3_OFF_5L #pragma DATA _CONFIG5H, _CPB_OFF_5H & _CPD_OFF_5H #pragma DATA _CONFIG6L, _WRT0_OFF_6L & _WRT1_OFF_6L & _WRT2_OFF_6L & _WRT3_OFF_6L #pragma DATA _CONFIG6H, _WRTC_OFF_6H & _WRTB_OFF_6H & _WRTD_OFF_6H #pragma DATA _CONFIG7L, _EBTR0_OFF_7L & _EBTR1_OFF_7L & _EBTR2_OFF_7L & _EBTR3_OFF_7L #pragma DATA _CONFIG7H, _EBTRB_OFF_7H i am trying it for more than three days to enumerate device but no luck Regards, Darshan
  4. #pragma DATA _CONFIG2L, _PWRT_ON_2L & _BOR_OFF_2L & _VREGEN_ON_2L internal 3.3V regulator should be on in config bits if one is connectiong VUSB to GND using 0.1uf cap . still i am not able to detect USB device with picpack library !. might be some more to be done . regards, Darshan
  5. i have compiled picpack usb serial on pic18f2550 but when i connect it windows says that usb device could not be unrecognized . i have made my own proto pcb with vusb connected to VDD and did not pulled up D+ . is it right . can somebody post the USB schematics which is working with picpack . Although i have reffered to TechToys but they do no show their usb demo board as of now . Regards, darshan
  6. is there any instruction for variable protection in interrupt void interrupt() { if(intcon.TMR0IF) { TickCounter++; intcon.TMR0IF=0; tmr0l=7; //reset timer0 } } i am using TickCounter to get ticks in my program . sometimes it gets corrupted as i also reset this any time
  7. when ever i write interrupt() routine in main file . and try to debug it with ICD2 even if i do not put break point in interrupt () it keeps stepping through the interrupt routine only and does not go beyond that . What settings to be done in MPLAB to stop this kind of behavior void interrupt()
  8. i have compiled simple program for testing icd2 debug. i it compiling but not able to enter debug mode for PIC18F2420 error : ICD0083: Debug: Unable to enter debug mode. Please double click this message for more information. Could you please let me know what could be possible problem #pragma DATA _CONFIG4L, _LVP_OFF_4L & _DEBUG_ON_4L Debug bits are on . #include <system.h> #include <icd2.h> //PIC18F2420 configuration bits #pragma DATA _CONFIG1H, _OSC_HS_1H #pragma DATA _CONFIG2L, _PWRT_OFF_2L #pragma DATA _CONFIG2H, _WDT_OFF_2H #pragma DATA _CONFIG4L, _LVP_OFF_4L & _DEBUG_ON_4L #pragma DATA _CONFIG5L, _CP0_OFF_5L & _CP1_OFF_5L // for code protection off #pragma DATA _CONFIG6L, _WRT0_OFF_6L & _WRT1_OFF_6L #pragma DATA _CONFIG6H, _WRTC_OFF_6H & _WRTB_OFF_6H & _WRTD_OFF_6H #pragma DATA _CONFIG7L, _EBTR0_OFF_7L & _EBTR1_OFF_7L #pragma DATA _CONFIG7H, _EBTRB_OFF_7H main() { trisb=0; portb=1; }
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