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  1. Thanks Pavel, I use SourceBoostIDE version 5.5.1 is that enough info to tell me what will the line be in this case? Regards, Miri.
  2. Hi everyone, I am trying to get started with SourceBoost IDE but I go this error message when I tried to compile the C-code. "Failed to locate output file "Inter.hex"." While I was following the manual "SourceBoost IDE User's Guide" one of the steps is to make sure that in Settings > options: these two files are in are correct: 1. C:\PROGRA~1\MPLAB\MPASMWIN.EXE /aINHX8M .... 2. C:\MATRIX\PPP\PPP.EXE -lpt1 -!v1..... I could not locate the second file so I left that field blank. Do you think that might cause the problem of compiling from C to assembly ? If so where can I find that file to download since I could not locate in my computer I think I am missing it. Thank you in advance.
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