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  1. Works now OK. Thanks and succes with the new compiler. Regards Jan
  2. Dear Pavel it is a problem which accors after installing the new Sourceboost 5.6 compiler ( not C2C i thougt this was the C compiler of sourceboost IDE ) I can reproduce the failure. And the sollution i described in my first message is the only way to let MPLab work again ( first uninstall MPlab after that delete all the reg files from mplab in the registry of Windows after this reinstall MPLab 6.60 and everything works fine ) Only MPlab give's the failure if i try to startup MPlab , Sourceboost Compiles and assemble (in cooperation with MPlab) are o.k. Regards Jan
  3. The problem accors after installing sourceboost . I dit not use any option to integrate the C2C compiler in mplab and was curious what has cause this problem. Is there an option in MPlab to integrate C2C ????? Maybe it was a coincidence that the same type of error accors on the two PC's after installing sourceboost. Regard's Jan
  4. Dear sir after updating my source boost compiler to 5.6 i had some error's when i try to startup MPlab 6.60. I use here Windows XP profesional and get the following message's from MPLab. Failed to initialize lecagy langage suite with CLSID"{9ff1c807-9bdd-4a07-ab5c-995d1d4a7d9}" And (Delivery of message failed due to invalid message ID:139.) And Failed to initialize lecagy langage suite with CLSID"{973d2266-4101-439f-9670-68ee7ee87bcc}" I had the same problem on a machine with Windows 2000 installed. The only way to get the problem solved is to unstall MPlab and after that you must delete al reg keys and after this reistall MPLab. Do you have any one have a idea how the problem come's ..... Is it a MPLab problem or something else..
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