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  1. Colin, Does this mapping want to be done at runtime, or can it be done at compile time? Regards Dave
  2. Colin, Multple returns should not be a problem. Regards Dave
  3. Alejandro, There are ways to control some aspects of memory allocation.To prevent the compiler using an area of memory: char mem [64] @ 0x100; // allocate array at fixed address and then don't reference this array in the code. To allocate a variable at a fixed address: int x @0x123; void main() { x = 10; while(1); } Did you have something else in mind? Regards Dave
  4. Alexandre, If you have registered then we will have all your details and so don't need any other proof of purchase. Go here and select re-order license: http://www.sourceboost.com/Products/BoostC/BuyLicense.html Regards Dave
  5. You need the activation key that is supplied to unlock the functionality you have paid for. Regards Dave
  6. S. Boot, Yes, but only at the top and bottom of memory by using linker options -RT and -RB. Regards Dave
  7. slowfiddler, Depends on the target device. Check the SourceBoost IDE documentation in the simulator limitations section. Regards Dave
  8. slowfiddler, The only option here is to find a PIC16 with similar functionality, but with regular port labelling (eg porta, portb etc).Compile and test on that target so you can use the simulator and plugins. Regards Dave
  9. nima, The default signage of a 'char' is unsigned. A compiler command line option can be used to make the signage of a plain char to be signed. So I guess this is not your problem. Regards Dave
  10. What else appears in the MPLAB build window?Which version of MPLAB are you using? Regards Dave
  11. MIGUELMAURICIOR, This is an internal error that means a .obj files internal structure is not as expected.Please send the project files that created this error, namely the .c and .h files, to support@sourceboost.com for analysis. Regards Dave
  12. The integrate button does more than just copy the files. Best thing to do is re-install (no need to uninstall) and click the integrate button when it appears. Regards Dave
  13. Neil, Please send zipped up project and source files to support@sourceboost.com so we can take a look. Regards Dave
  14. Wait for BoostC V7, this has support for large arrays. A release candidate should be coming soon. Regards Dave
  15. Yes quite right.That explains why my code when into the interruot service routine twice for each change of state. For some reason Mario seems set on not reading the port again in his ISR, which does need to be done to resolve the mismatch or the interrupt flag will be set immediately again. So I don't think his code will work. Regards Dave
  16. Mario, Thought you had found a simulator bug, but looks like this is NOT the case Extract from 18F4455 data sheet: You have to read the port again: void interrupt(void) { intcon&=0b11111110; // clear PortB IF porta++; char a = portb; // read port to stop repeated interrupts for same port value } Regards Dave
  17. You are just displaying the raw binary value, the value is encoded (IEEE 754) as you state signbit, exp, mantissa.The brute force method (if you know the number is specific range) is: 1) Multiply by a factor of 10 (10, 100, 1000 etc) so that the decimal digits required are on the left side of the decimal point. 2) Convert to an integer. 3) Divide by the multiplication factor used to get the whole part. 4) Modulus (%) by the multiplication factor to get the decimal part. 5) Use lprintf to print out the whole part. 6) Use lprintf to print out a "." and the the decimal part part. Regards Dave
  18. Harald, We really want a greatly simplified program, one with just a few functions and one that demonstrates the problem under the SourceBoost Debugger.Please cut it down to a minimum. Regards Dave
  19. Yes Please cut the project and source code down to the minimum needed to demonstrate the problem. Zip up only the .h .c and .__c files and post that. Regards Dave
  20. OTLSound, Please provide a small but complete program so we have an example of exactly what you think is not working. Regards Dave
  21. tom 2007, The answer to this is to buy the extra plugins license as there is a stopwatch plugin that allows the measurement of time intervals. Regards Dave
  22. It is quite possible for users to generate their own TDF and header files for a given target but it is a fair amount of work.When do you need support for this new device? Regards Dave
  23. Taking a quick look at the program you sent: 1) The project you sent had no -swcs option for linker. 2) Please read the Novo Manual section "Critical Sections with Prioritized Interrupts Notes" as it looks like you are not following the guidelines and so some corruption maybe resulting. Regards Dave
  24. I think we could do with a complete small program that demonstrates this issue then we can investigate further. Regards Dave
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