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  1. Daniele Di Stefano, Looking at the screen shot it looks like you are using a hardware debugger (ICD2 ?).If so you need to #include <icd2.h>, it then adds some fixed variable definitions for the reserved variables that then prevent such locations being use. Extract from ICD2.h #ifdef _PIC16F877A #define _VALID_ICD2_TARGET #pragma message "Warning: ICD2 Reserved ROM address range:0x1F00-0x1FFF (use linker -rt option)" char IcdReserved_0x070 @ 0x070; char IcdReserved_0x0F0 @ 0x0F0; char IcdReserved_0x170 @ 0x170; char IcdReserved_0x1F0 @ 0x1F0; char IcdReserved_0x1E5_0x1EF[ 11 ] @ 0x1E5; #endif // _PIC16F877A Regards Dave
  2. Daniele Di Stefano I don't think there is a problem here.The supplied .TDF files (part of the compiler installation) define what area can be used by the linker as general purpose RAM. MinimoAdc starts at address 0x070 and has a length of 0x40 (64) bits, ie 8 bytes, so MinimoAdc address range: 0x070->0x077 Timers1mSecKtime starts at address 0x078 and has a length of 0x38bits (56) bit, ie 7byte, so Timers1mSecKtime address range: 0x078->0x07F Please take another look Regards Dave
  3. Mac, There is no way yet. This is on our todo list. Regards Dave
  4. Ian Harris, BoostC V6.95 had a new Rom memory manager to allow functions to be placed at fixed addresses. I found a problem when data (using #pragma DATA) is added to these reserved areas. Look like this is now fixed, but some more testing is required. Regards Dave
  5. Ian Harris, This issue has already been reported by another user, but we are having difficulty reproducing the problem. Please send a zipped up sample project to support@sourceboost.com. Regards Dave
  6. Userom char* std_font_array1 = {....}; etc Regards Dave
  7. schneiderj, This is because a global variable can only have one instance. In the header file declare the variables as: extern myvar int; That means all the files that include the header file will know about the variables but won't be declaring instances of them. In one source file declare the actual variable instance: myvar int; Regards Dave
  8. Jean-Marie, Installation over the top of an existing installation works fine just run the install .exe and set the location to the same as before - no need to uninstall. Beware that if you have modified any of the supplied files you may lose those changes. Regards Dave
  9. Hi All, After SourceBoost V6.93 went to full release a couple of significant bugs were discovered, these issues have now been fixed and so here is release V6.95. Regards Dave
  10. ryeg, Sometimes the .obj/.lib file format is changed to support new features. You are picking up an old build version of the library rand.pic16.lib. Have you taken a copy of this library? - I suspect you have. Regards Dave Regards Dave
  11. Dave

    License Bug

    Reynard, Not a bug. The build window though says "Full License". Yet another PIC16 project this in the assembler listing: Weird ! Target PIC16F873A for both projects. Should I rebuild the project files ? Could it be that one project was created using the Lite version and the other using the registered version ? Cheers Reynard The final build license is base on the lowest level license (the lowest common denominator as it were) that has been used to build any part of a project.So for example all the supplied libraries are built with a pro license, but a user with a lite license can still link these files with .obj files they have created, but the final build will have a lite license. Regards Dave
  12. I don't see the problem you report: Memory Usage Report =================== RAM available:3936 bytes, used:31 bytes (0.8%), free:3905 bytes (99.2%), Heap size:3905 bytes, Heap max single alloc:127 bytes ROM available:63489 bytes, used:516 bytes (0.9%), free:62973 bytes (99.1%) Regards Dave
  13. Radik Yanai, We will add these devices soon. Probably in the next release. Regards Dave
  14. babos, Set the driver to use time delays instead of busy signal. The bit number still has to be specified for the RW signal, but it should then be ignored. Regards Dave
  15. manuel123, This is indeed a problem and now on our bugs list. It has been there for a long long time. I'm quite surprised no one has spotted it before. Thanks for the report. Regards Dave
  16. Hi All, After having fixed a few problems in the release candidates, SourceBoost Release V6.93 is now available. You can download it from here: http://www.sourceboost.com/CommonDownload.html Regards Dave
  17. Angosity, This problem has not been reported before. If you send a copy of the project demonstrating the problem to support@sourceboost.com we can take a look. Regards Dave
  18. The following code works for me using BoostC Compiler V6.93, you can check it out using the SourceBoost debugger. #include <stdio.h> void main() { unsigned long temp2; char value[18]; temp2 = 54321; sprintf32( value, "%8d", temp2 ); // lcd_printf(value); while( 1 ); } Regards Dave
  19. russ_hensel, Change: My Controls -> Options -> Board Settings -> Number of posts to show for each topic page Regards Dave
  20. Looks like you are using a different version of the floating point library to the compiler version. Use the float library supplied with the compiler version you are using. Make sure that you are not picking up a lib from an older version. Regards Dave
  21. A couple of problem have been fixed, so now V6.93 RC3 is available. Regards Dave
  22. chmotori, This issue has been fixed in BoostC V6.93 RC3. Regards Dave
  23. Pwr, Looks like a bugged new feature :-(Problem found and now corrected. Regards Dave
  24. SourceBoost V6.93 release candidate is now available for download from here: http://www.sourceboost.com/CommonDownload.html. It has some important bug fixes and improvements, you can find details of the changes here: http://www.sourceboost.com/CommonDownload/VersionLog.html Regards Dave
  25. TFcroft4, If you are using V6.92 then this was indeed a problem that was introduced. This issue is resolved in V6.93. Regards Dave
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