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  1. yong, To use ICD3 you need to add this to one of your source code files: #include <icd3.h> This will ensure that the memory locations needed by ICD3 are reserved. You may also need to preserve some rom for use with ICD3, when you compile the code that include icd3.h you will see displayed in the output window what ROM needs to be preserved. The debug executive lives in high memory, so the linker command line -rt needs to use to ensure the high memory space is not used. If you want to debug using ICD3 then this has to be done from within MPLAB. I hope that helps. Regards Dave
  2. Turn this off, BoostC doesn't support the extended instruction set. Regards Dave
  3. I have not.If you could zip up and post a project demonstrating the issue we can investigate further. The installer leaves old version in place if you install in a new folder - old and new versions can co-exist. If you install in the same folder then the installer overwrites the older files. The "cleanest" approach is to uninstall the old version first and install the new version in a folder with the same name as the old version. Then any existing projects will use the newer compiler without any changes. Regards Dave
  4. SourceBoost Package V7.03 is now available. It contains a number of fixes that affect the operation of workspace and project paths, the addition of some new target devices and a number of other fixes and improvements. Details of changes can be found here: http://www.sourceboost.com/CommonDownload/VersionLog.html The new release can be download from the usual place: http://www.sourceboost.com/CommonDownload.html Regards Dave
  5. Brian, You are right, something is wrong with the simulator.Further investigation is required. Regards Dave
  6. Brian, Another thought: use the digital volt meter in the plugins pack to measure the voltage applied to the analog input. Regards Dave
  7. Brian, Have you tried the adc sample project supplied as part of the installation? Regards Dave
  8. Tom, You can access individual bits using the dot operator, ie int x; x.0 = 1; // sets the lsb bit x.6 = 1; // sets the seventh bit. You can #define a bit name number, ie #define mybit 10 x.mybit = 0; The only way to access groups of bits is to manually mask them in and out. I hope that helps. Regards Dave
  9. zheng, Please look in the SourceBoost IDE user manual under Simulator Limitations. Only some ADC's are supported. Regards Dave
  10. ttosi, Ah I did miss that because I didn't look further than: #pragma DATA _CONFIG5L, _CP0_OFF_5L & _CP1_OFF_5L & _CP2_OFF_5L & _CP3_OFF_5L I would recommend that you don't mix old (#pragma DATA...) and new (#pragma config...) target configuration setting, as they might overlap in the configuration registers they write to. Typical gotchas in the LED won't flash situation are: 1) I/O ports not set to digital output - check in case they have an analogue function. 2) Watchdog timer left on and processor reset before it gets that far. 3) Oscillator setup wrong so the device has no clock. Regards Dave
  11. ttosi, A quick guess - have you disabled the watchdog timer, if not the processor we keep being reset. Regards Dave
  12. chmotori, This is an issue that had already been reported and has been fixed.It will be in the next release (V7.03). Regards Dave
  13. Hiker, This is indeed a problem.I'm not sure how the error is creeping in. Regards Dave
  14. magmalloy, I guess you are talking about a servo that is controlled using pulse position? Whatever the servo it can of course be move to a specified angle. Regards Dave
  15. rbairos, It's will be in the next release, we have fixed a number of bugs and have been working on release candidates since the end of December.So it will in the release soon. Regards Dave
  16. BAGLES93, This looks like some kind of internal reported from linker.Please zip up the project and send to support@sourceboost.com and then we can take a look. Regards Dave
  17. tsmith35, Thanks for all your efforts. Regards Dave
  18. Alexandre, We make a small charge for a re-issue (re-ordering) a license key as we have to go through our records to check the validity of someone asking for a re-issue and also encourage users to look after their license keys, otherwise we might spend all day re-issuing license keys. Regards Dave
  19. Sorry for delay, we didn't realise the desperation of some users for this to be fixed. This problem has now been fixed and will be available in SourceBoost V7.02 package, soon to be released. Regards Dave
  20. tmr1 is declared the same as tmr1l for compatibility. This is based on the way Microchip delcare these registers in their header files. Regards Dave
  21. magmalloy, Something like this should do what you want void ShowVal( int x ) { if( x < 0 ) x = 0; if( x > 99 ) x = 99; .... } Regards Dave
  22. McAfee is also generating false reports of a trojan in preg.exe If in doubt check the files here:http://www.virustotal.com Regards Dave
  23. George, Thanks for the update.I'm pleased you find the problem, and it's not our fault. Regards Dave
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