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    And some in build-in assembler: XORWF Exclusive OR W with f Syntax: [label] XORWF f,d Operands: 0 ≤ f ≤ 127 d in [0,1] Operation: (W) .XOR. (f) → (destination) Status Affected: Z Description: Exclusive OR the contents of the W register with register 'f'. If 'd' is 0, the result is stored in the W register. If 'd' is 1, the result is stored back in register 'f'. ... ADDANDXOR: ADDWF _SUM0,0 XORWF _R0 ,0 --> error in built-in assembler XORWF _L0 ,1 --> error in built-in assembler MOVF _SUM1,0 BTFSC STATUS, 0 INCFSZ _SUM1,0 ...
  2. Do you planning make a migration tools to convert old projects to BoostC? Do you have documentation or advises to migrate C2C project to BoostC?
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