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  1. Given these definitions char sum1(char a,char b){ return a+b; } char sum2(char a,char b){ return a+b; } I was very surprised to find that the compiler eliminates the functions and their calls when followed by this main(): void main() { sum1(3,4)+sum2(5,6); } But in this version, the calls are retained: void main() { sum1(3,4); sum2(5,6); }
  2. Hi, I have a project which already has several files of MPASM code. I would like to be able to link BoostC code with these, which leads me to ask: 1) will the linker work with MPLAB .O files? (My testing with SourceBoost seems to fail) 2) are the calling conventions documented? (assembly from C) Thanks.
  3. I assume you try to use BoostC 1.4 Have you unpacked BoostC zip file over SourceBoost installation? Regards, Pavel <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Right Pavel, that fixed the problem.
  4. Any clues? I get the same error whether I invoke BoostC (pic18) via command line or through MPLAB.
  5. Hi, Am running WinXP SP1. Extracted boost files and can't compile a file, either from command line or from MPLAB IDE. Error message is Warning: can't start preprocessor interrupt.c(12): error: failure failure
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