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  1. How should I use the Timer1 module in PIC16F877 as a free running timer so that it could constantly generate a 1kHz square wave for a certain period of time, say 1 sec? However, I am not going to use the timer1 oscillator as I have reserved the RC1/T1OSI/T1CKI for output. Thanks!
  2. I have read through the C2C help index, and found that the compiler does not included the command for reading inputs and set/clear outputs at PORTD and PORTE. How should I create the these functions like input_pin_port_d() and output_high_port_d() in the compiler? Anyone can please lend me a hand? Thanks a lot!
  3. Hi, I would like to use the CCP2 and TMR1 modules in PIC16F877 for serial transmission between a 5x3 matrix keypad with the PIC via two lines: - one Signal and one Clock. The signal line is bi-directional, and is connected to RC1/CCP2. The free running TIMER 1 will generates 32 clock pulses (31 data clk pulses, and 1 ACK clk pulses). The PIC will first capture the input signal from the keypad and compare which clock pulse it received the signal to understand which key has been pressed. So, anyone can please help me or tell me to use the CCP2 and TMR1 in the simplest way with C2C compiler? Thanks a lot!
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