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  1. This will be my first post on the forums. I am an amateur programmer at best - hardware guy by trade and training. I have several basic applications under my belt beyond the standard blink LEDs. I have relied on the forums a lot over the past couple of years. I even have my first touch sense application running!! There are many people learning just as I am. I just wanted to give thanks to those that regularly put the time and effort into helping others along in their learning and development, and sometimes there is no substitute for a second pair of eyes. I also wanted to make a sugg
  2. Can someone provide an example of a prototype using an array as an argument in a function, and an example function call? I cannot come up with the right syntax for my file to compile. I have tried using a pointer syntax as an argument, the array variable name, and a reference to the array. I am obviously missing something. In my reading I have seen that the compiler should translate the array argument into a pointer (if so defined). Is this the case with Boost? Thank you in advance, Mark
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