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  1. During the last week, after to buy a Pro license for BoostC++; i was working porting one of my projects from Hitech C to BoostC++ with some headaches during the process (it is not finished yet). I think BoostC++ is a good compiler for PICS and i was thinking in some improvements and features that i will not post here now because i prefer to continue porting my project and learning about BoostC++ compiler. I have to develop under MPLAB because i need the "StopWatch" (its a time critical application) while debuggin, and simulation of Timers 2 & 3 (Sourceboost manual sais that only timer 0 is supported in the simulator for PIC18 devices). But... If SourceBoost IDE is free, why not to move it to an opensource IDE? (for example Eclipse, only for example... could be other...). I am sure, in an opensource IDE with support for plugins (not only pluggins for simulation) users could help to improve it... and you could focus your efforts improving compilers and the simulator... It only an idea :-) Regards Jesús
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