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  1. when I compile a test program using "rom char *data = {0x64, 11, 12}; " (example from boostc help) it doesn't generate any rom code. I'll attach a copy of the source and the disassembly. No compiler or linker errors are generated. Most frustrating... also I cannot get the statement "typedef rom char rchar" to compile without error (commented out in the test file). and I could really use some help in getting the address of rom data for use at compile time. The idea being that I need to create pointers to tables in assembly language. Unless I can solve some of these problems I'm truly at a standstill... Please help. Also I purchased Boost C Pro and couldn't find enough of the pieces to make the Novo RTOS work. I purchased a separate NOVO RTOS license to get what I needed but it should have been free. What can be done to correct this... There's a really good chance that I'm the problem here because I'm having more than a little difficulty keeping what works separate from what doesn't. Thanks... Jerryl rom_char_disassembly_listing.txt test5_tblptr.c.txt PIC18F252_config_word.h.txt
  2. Thanks for your really fast reply... Agreed, my typing skills are less than optimum (way less). Is this a newly reported problem? I can use a work-around with a few instuctions and achieve the same results, but since this is inside a loop, it would be nice to reduce the time. Are there any plans to address the problem? Thanks... Jerryl
  3. I cant get this in line assembler code to assemble. I Compiling using Sourceboost C Pro 6.9 under MPLAB IDE. asm { LSFR 0,0x854 } everything else does fine. Am I doing something stoopid?
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