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  1. just read this posting after succesfully porting very simple hi-techC example on my own..WITHOUT a converter if i can ANYONE can! after finding the great series of articles by Gooligum electronics, Australia, including 'programming baseline PICs in C' i had a stab at changing hi-tech source code to BoostC compatible code... PDF lesson 1, exercise 4a (source code ' BC_L1-PB_LED-HTC.c ') Changes to source code to port from hi-tech C to BoostC for this example, are just these:- 1.change processor to 12F609 (12F509 isn't supported by boostC;unless there's a workround?) 2.change ' include <htc.h> ' to ' include <system.h> ' 3.change all references to ' GPIO ' and ' TRISIO ' to lower case i.e.' gpio ' or ' trisio ' this is all that i did to compile the program successfully!
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