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  1. Replying to myself... I have now gone back to MPLAB v8.56 and all is well - very strange. If anyone else has light to shed on this I would like to know. I will stick with v8.56 for now though!
  2. Hello I wonder if anyone can shed some light on my little problem? I have just upgraded to MPLAB 8.73 and am having difficulty with getting my code to build. I have a very simple little piece of code which when I build it I get the following build log: Clean: Deleting intermediary and output files. Clean: Deleted file "main.OBJ". Clean: Deleted file "Y:\Michael\T-Proj\PIC\EMU\Start1\v1.mcs". Clean: Done. Executing: "C:\Program Files\Microchip\Third Party\SourceBoost\boostc_pic18.exe" main.c -O1 -W1 -t 18F46K80 BoostC Optimizing C Compiler Version 6.97 (for PIC18 architecture) http://www.sourceboost.com Copyright© 2004-2010 Pavel Baranov Copyright© 2004-2010 David Hobday Licensed to Farn51080 under Single user Pro License for 1 node(s) Limitations: PIC18 max code size:Unlimited, max RAM banks:Unlimited main.c success Executing: "C:\Program Files\Microchip\Third Party\SourceBoost\boostlink_pic.exe" "Y:\Michael\T-Proj\PIC\EMU\Start1\main.obj" -t 18F46K80 BoostLink Optimizing Linker Version 6.97 http://www.sourceboost.com Copyright© 2004-2010 Pavel Baranov Copyright© 2004-2010 David Hobday Building CASM file Memory Usage Report =================== RAM available:3584 bytes, used:1 bytes (0.1%), free:3583 bytes (99.9%), Heap size:3583 bytes, Heap max single alloc:127 bytes ROM available:65536 bytes, used:28 bytes (0.1%), free:65508 bytes (99.9%) success Link step failed. BUILD FAILED: Tue Jul 19 08:41:11 2011 So the link process completes (generates .hex, .coff, .casm, .lst files), but MPLAB appears to reject it and I cannot run my code on the target. One thing I might have done wrong - I could not get sourceboost to integrate into MPLAB so I did the integration manually with regedit - how else do I do it if it won't integrate automatically ??? ... but maybe this has nothing to do with the above error. Any ideas? Thank you in advance!
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