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  1. Hi, I intend using the Novo RTOS on a PIC16F877a within a marine systems control panel, at present I am in the process of writing a series of test programs to evaluate each of the various functions required. My present program is to test a variable PWM output as well as RS232 communications for setting the duty cycle of the pulse. Every thing seemed to be going fine, pwm output working as expected, rs232_driver.h setup and intialized, etc. I then declared two semaphores to flag the recipt of data and free transmitter, building worked ok to this point. I then added a " SysSignalSemaphore( hTXsema ); " call into my main program before the tasks were started to indicate that the transmitter is free to use, where apon the linker returned the following error message - failure Error:Linking externs failed, extern declaration and variable declaration types are different for variable:'scheduler' Please could you help as I cannot see what I have done wrong to recieve this message. Attached are the files used in the program so far. Thanks Dave.S PWM_Test.zip
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