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  1. This is an internal error that means a .obj files internal structure is not as expected.Please send the project files that created this error, namely the .c and .h files, to support@sourceboost.com for analysis. Regards Dave Hi Dave, Thanks for your reply. I have attached the files I guess you need please let know if you need more. Actually I am bloked becuse I cannot work.ERROR_FILES.rar
  2. Hi, I got this error when I tried to compliled a program generated by FlowCode V4 in MPLAB. Can somebody tell me what is about? Thanks.... ERROR: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Clean: Deleting intermediary and output files. Clean: Deleted file"LIGHTONALARM.OBJ". Clean: Deleted file "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microchip\MCHIPPIC\LIGHTONALARM.HEX". Clean: Done. Executing: "C:\Program Files (x86)\SourceBoost\boostc++_pic16.exe" LIGHTONALARM.c -O1 -W1 -t 12F629 BoostC++ Optimizing C++ Compiler Version 6.97 (for PIC16 architecture) http://www.sourceboost.com Copyright© 2004-2010 Pavel Baranov Copyright© 2004-2010 David Hobday Licensed to MIGUEL MAURICIO ROZO ZUÑIGA under Single user Full License for 1 node(s) Limitations: PIC12,PIC16 max code size:Unlimited, max RAM banks:Unlimited, Non commercial use only LIGHTONALARM.c success Executing: "C:\Program Files (x86)\SourceBoost\boostlink_pic.exe" "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microchip\MCHIPPIC\LIGHTONALARM.obj" "C:\Program Files (x86)\Matrix Multimedia\Flowcode V4\boostc\Lib\libc.pic16.lib" "C:\Program Files (x86)\Matrix Multimedia\Flowcode V4\boostc\Lib\flowcode.pic16.lib" "C:\Program Files (x86)\Matrix Multimedia\Flowcode V4\boostc\Lib\float.pic16.lib" -O1 -p "LIGHTONALARM" -t 12F629 BoostLink Optimizing Linker Version 6.97 http://www.sourceboost.com Copyright© 2004-2010 Pavel Baranov Copyright© 2004-2010 David Hobday Optimisation level:1 Bytes:0x00 0x00 0x04 0x01 0x00 0x19 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x2E 0x00 0x45 0x3A 0x5C 0x50 0x72 0x67 0x5C 0x53 0x6F 0x75 0x72 0x63 0x65 0x42 0x6F 0x6F 0x73 0x74 0x5C 0x63 0x6F .obj file error:Expected FILE_SECTION failure BUILD SUCCEEDED: Fri Jul 30 12:24:24 2010 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  3. Hi Pavel, It has been a long time ago. Excuseme for not replying before but I had a lot of work out of my country. I did what you told me but it seems it is not enught so I sent you and image to your mail becuase I can not opload the image here ( 104K). Tell me if what you see in the image is what you requested me or if I did it bad. Let know please becuase I do not what else to do. Thanks.
  4. Hi Bill, I could not reply before because of my work. I was out of my office. I have a question. I added the line #include <float.h>, but nothing happens so Can you tell me how I do to add the library to my project? Thanks..
  5. Hi, When I installed the software I chose the integration option so What is worng. Since I bought the software I had problems. All the codes generated by Flow code have been compiled in assembler becuase the C++ compiler is not working. So can some body tell what I must check in order to verify the correct instalation of the software and the correct integration with the MPLAB?????. I reinstalled the software and the problem still persist. Let know if you need some details. Thanks. I did all that is described in the help manual so....
  6. MIGUELMAURICIOR OK I will. But first can you clear for me respect the file. I thought including the line (float.....) in the program it was enught, Is not it? What do you mean by (float.....) ?? If you want to use the floating point functions in your code you need to add #include<float.h> to the source code that use such functions (so the compiler knows about the floating point functions while compiling), and add the floating point library to the project so the actual code is linked in by the linker. Please take a look at the sample program including in the installation: CircleArea.__c Regards Dave Hi Dave, Long time ago without hearing about me. I was traveling for work reasons. I cheked the exmple but in founf the same lines I included in my code. I must tell you I am not a very experienced user so I will need a more focused help from you. I do not remenber if I sent you the code but if you need it is ok. I do not understand the last line of your reply:add the floating point library to the project so the actual code is linked in by the linker what I have to do to get it? let me know please Thanks.
  7. You must have a file in you project that uses the floating point library. What files are in your project. Post the project on the forum and them someone can take a look. Sorry for not replying for a while. Regards Dave Hello Dave, OK I will. But first can you clear for me respect the file. I thought including the line (float.....) in the program it was enught, Is not it?
  8. Hello Dave, I did not hear from you again. Plase see the previous comments. Thanks
  9. Hello again Dave, I made a mistake and I forgot to tell you in the last mail that in the program I just using logic operation in others words reading inputs and changing the state of the outputs according with the state of the inputs. No more so in this case I do not neeed the floating pint librarie. If you need to see the pogram I can send you in private. Let know please. This a complement of my last reply. Regards.
  10. Looks like you need to add the PIC16 floating point library to the MPLAB project, you can find it in your SourceBoost installation directory in the lib folder. You may find the code size ends up too large for your target when you do this. Regards Dave Hello Dave, I checked the Source boost file and I found there the libraries but Can you tell me how I do to Add this libraries to the MPLAB project?? Thanks....
  11. The PIC12F629 is really a PIC16 core device in PIC12 clothing. So please use the PIC16 compiler and linker options for this target. Regards Dave Hello Dave, I have attached a document where you will see the results after building the project. Please let know what is wrong. compiling_errors.pdf
  12. Have you followed the steps in the BoostC++ manual for MPLAB integration? Regards Dave :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :::::::::::::::::::::::::: Hello Dave, Let me clear this for you. The software was correctly installed both of them the tool suite and the linker so there is no problem with it. The problem is focused in how to compile for a 12F family. I have the both options for PIC 16 and for PIC 18 families but what I must choose to complie a PIC from 12F family? Let know your point of view. Thanks.
  13. Hello, If I want to compile program for PIC 12f629 under MPLAB what I must choose to achieve it . I have a Boost C++ full version. In the list of supported devices it appears. Can you tell me what I must do? ThanksCOMPILATION FOR PIC12F629 OR 12F675
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