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  1. Yes, I understand that I'm using old architecture here (16F...) and I'm sure chameleon will be targetted for more modern ones and it will not need #pragma data for configuration lines... For me, big plus of chameleon compiler at the moment is it's speed. I'm using it under linux and speed difference of boostc_pic16.exe and c_pic16.exe is absolutely measurable. I hope to try it on a more modern architecture, where it will not be limited with such constructs Anyway, thank you very much for trying it out
  2. Ok spamming more Looks like chameleon compiles #pragma data wrong: #pragma DATA _CONFIG1, 0x2FAE // 0b0010111110101110 #pragma DATA _CONFIG2, 0x3FFD // 0b0011111111111101 end up as: ORG 0x00002007 2007 00AE DW 0x00AE 2008 00FD DW 0x00FD And another thing, chameleon produces over 100% more code (479 words instead of 222 words with v7 compiler). I don't understand this: intcon.GIE = 1; compiles into 0101 142A BSF CompTempVar640,0 0102 1C2A BTFSS CompTempVar640,0 0103 138B BCF gbl_intcon,7 0104 182A BTFSC CompTempVar640,0 0105 178B BSF gbl_intc
  3. Ok, I'm taking it back with asm data placed at speciffic address. This one works, my project compiles with chameleon at this stage. I accidentaly removed CONF_BYTE1 and CONF_BYTE2 when I was trying the asm data statements. I hope chameleon will understand all my other exercises with this project
  4. Hi Reynard. You are right with logic operators in #pragma, when I place computed hex values there, these two lines compile without problems. #pragma DATA _CONFIG1, 0b0010111110101110 #pragma DATA _CONFIG2, 0b0011111111111101 It is for PIC16F720 so I don't have #pragma configs available. As you mentioned, it seems that there is no way to put data in flash, because this chip has no eeprom and for my project I need 5 configuration bytes placed in flash. I tried #pragma data, compiler doesn't like it the same as it doesn't like: void config_data_in_flash() @ CONFIG_FLASH_ADDR { as
  5. Hi. Today I wanted to try the new Chameleon compiler (otherwise I'm using v6 compiler) and I have one problem from the beginning of source file. I have: #pragma CLOCK_FREQ 16000000 #pragma DATA _CONFIG1, _INTOSC_NOCLKOUT & _WDTEN_ON & _PWRTE_ON & _MCLRE_OFF & _CP_ON & _BOREN_OFF & _PLLEN_ON #pragma DATA _CONFIG2, _WRTEN_HALF which compiles fine with legacy c16 compiler (latest v6 and v7), but end up with "invalid ...something..." in chameleon. How should I write this? Is there some example source structure or some kind of manual for Chameleon at this stage?
  6. Dave, I mentioned earlier - missing CVRCON definition for some devices. I found that it was an error in Microchip header files and it is now in the errata (found it for 18f25j11). Is it possible for such additions to get it to your definitions? And still missing configuration defs, as they are no more at locations near 0x300000, but at end of program flash... Maybe they are missing in Microchip header files too.
  7. Check pin directions for selected RPx. I'm using 25j11 with two usarts and both are working fine. Here is relevant piece from my source (RB3=RX, RB2=TX): portb = 0xff; trisb = 0xf9; asm { MOVLB 0x0E MOVLW 0x55 MOVWF _eecon2, 0 MOVLW 0xAA MOVWF _eecon2, 0 BCF _ppscon, IOLOCK, 1 MOVLW 6 MOVWF _rpinr16, 1 MOVLW 5 MOVWF _rpor5, 1 MOVLW 0x55 MOVWF _eecon2, 0 MOVLW 0xAA MOVWF _eecon2, 0 BSF _ppscon, IOLOCK, 1 }
  8. Right. That one worked with me. I already have the files from Dave and here are some observations: CONFIG defines are missing in the header files. Also CVRCON (voltage reference) definition is missing for 18f25j11 (maybe for others). Anyway, these are details and I am very thankful for the files!
  9. even on windows and with iexplorer, no go from my location. I don't have any proxies or filters in the path... Can you please send it to my profile e-mail? I'll be very thankful! I want to try the 25j11 support...
  10. Can you please check that link, even with slashes replaced it points to 404... Thanks!
  11. Hi. I want to ask for new device support, especialy newer 18F XLP 3,3V devices. Or if it is enough to write new .H and .TDF files, because my quick looking around revealed that I don't know how to set chip FLASH and RAM size. So simple copy and edit would not be possible. Maybe this thing must be for device in the "system" already. My first candidate is 18F25J11, for my GSM module Thanks, Jaero
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