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    Sir I am kathiresan holding Master Degree in physics working as SUB DIVISIONAL ENGINEER TELECOM MOBILE BSNL INDIA. I was delighted to see u r article about PostSuit and related article ROBOT on pic. i downloaded the source and compiled the entitre source code for ROBOT i encountered the following error. i am getting same using u r bat file and mplab IDE pl help me Clean: Deleting intermediary and output files. Clean: Done. Executing: "C:\Program Files\MPLAB IDE\MCHIP_Tools\mpasmwin.exe" /q /p16F84 "os.asm" /l"os.lst" /e"os.err" Error[129] C:\PROGRAM FILES\MPLAB IDE\OS\OS.ASM 2 : Expected (END) Halting build on first failure as requested. BUILD FAILED: Wed Dec 08 06:49:19 2004 pl help me email kathir4@sancharnet.in Now i am trying to port ucos-2 real time kerenel using boost c compiler to pic.As soon as completed i will post u to place in the net so as to users source boost will get benefitted
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