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  1. Thank you for the new part definitions! I'm using the PIC18F24J11 in my product design, and I was able to get the support working with BoostC (using MPLAB IDE) (6.97 beta 2) and everything was working great until I tried to use the PPS port remapping feature. I'm using the 2nd EUSART on pins RB3 (RX) and RB2 (TX). The transmitter works, but I can't get the receiver to operate. BoostC appears to be making the correct assembler output to do the port locking function. I've tried both C and inline asm (they produce essentially the same output anyway) to set up the PPS module and am now totally stumped. Many dozens of PIC designs under my belt, I feel completely stumped by this one. If anyone has any ideas it would be great. It's the very last peripheral I need to get going before I can finish this thing.... Thanks! Andrew
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