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  1. On the register page I can choose between a whole lot of stuff... But I'm not sure what I need (or even what I want) What I need: - I need support for the new Microchip PIC's (The 16F88 and 16F7x7 and other new'ish pics, especially the 16F787) - I need built in routines/functions for RS-232, AD conversions, Timers, interrupts, I2C, SPI etc. but I guess that is pretty obvious? Still it would be nice to have it confirmed here. As for C2C-plus(?) or C2C++... I have not yet encountered a problem which I cant solve with C in my electronics projects. So I guess.... C2C-plus then? But what the heck is the Sourceboost IDE? is that the IDE for the compiler, so if I pay 60 for the compiler, I don't get an IDE only a command-line compiler? or is it a plug-in for generating more compact assembler code? I cant figure it out? I discovered that the school's CCS C compiler is outdated (and buggy as he***) and the school doesn't want to pay for an update, so I want to by this one for myself, if you in here can convince me that it is worth the money. I primarily use it for programming Microchip PIC's with external devices on I2C and SPI (and a few CAN nodes too) and I almost always interface serially to a computer using a Max232 type of connection.. So.... is this for me?
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