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  1. The class member (pMember) returns unexpected values when referenced. #include <system.h> char* pGlobal = 0x500; class CTest { public: CTest() { char* pReceipient = 0; char* pLocal = 0x500; pReceipient = (char*) &pGlobal[1]; // pReceipient = 0x501 pReceipient = (char*) &pLocal[1]; // pReceipient = 0x501 pReceipient = (char*) &pMember[1]; // pReceipient = Different values depending on size of build char* pDummy = pReceipient; }; private: char* pMember = 0x500; }; void main() { CTest Test; }
  2. Dave, Thanks for the licence key clarification. I did spend a hour or so trawling the passport site looking for answers, and there certainly seemed to be a trend with 2k causing AV's as the end-users upgraded to faster machines. some were fixed by altering the passport options, others were actually bugs. I did consider wrapping one of my own consul apps to find out which options caused the problem, but as security conscious developers would likely receive such recommendations as ill-advised, I dropped the idea. As I appear to be the only one trying to use the Amd & 2k combination it would seem that maybe I should call it a day and use the C18 compiler. At least until I get myself an Intel box again. A pity about the lack C++ though. Also it may not actually be an AMD problem at all, but more about 2k & cpu speed, as the P3 was only 1ghz. Also the AV's are present with or without a licence installed. It's just that using preg caused them with far greater constancy than building a project. If you do want to get to the bottom of the problem, I'm still willing to try any new ideas you come up with. But as for me, I just can't see any more avenues to try. Regards... Tim
  3. Hi Dave, I'm a little bit sceptical about the Windows licence issue because 3 different 2k licence's have already been tried. Plus the fact that my 2k licence does work with an Intel P3 box, but not on any AMD box. The 3 Licences tried:- 1 - Pre-installed OEM on a laptop. 2 - Retail Pro on an XP2000+ 3 - Retail Pro on XP2200+, Amd64-3000+ and Amd64-4000 Dual core. I have also tried someone else's "fix" regarding "user" as opposed to "administrator" account. This also has no affect. However I do have access to 6 or 7 other 2k Pro retail packs at work. (Purchased over a period of 2 years) If you really believe that sooner or later I will come across one that will work on an AMD machine with Boostc, I will give them ago. But I'd rather not do this blindly on a fools errand as this will take the best part of a day to complete. As my experiments so far have shown me that the faster Amd cpu's will produce the errors faster and more consistently than the slower XP cpu's. Could you confirm for me that you are definitely Access Violation free on your XP2200 setup by running the following test. Running preg on the Passport wrapped 6.97 version of Boostc using a full C licence "multiple times". ie Clicking OK on the preg app as soon as it has finished it's last licence install. This I have found causes Access Violations more consistently than any other method. If this still proves to be OK, then I will try all the other 2k licences next week. Regards... Tim
  4. Are there any other users either:- Successfully using Boostc with windows 2000 with an AMD processor ? - or - Having problems using Boostc with windows 2000 with an AMD processor ?
  5. Hi, I'm having big problems running Boostc. When I first got the software & licence I tried using it on a AMD XP2200+ with Win2K, but it kept throwing up "Access violations" So I tried it on an Old Intel P3 with the same copy of Win2K and It worked. Now the P3 mother-Board has died and my new machine is a AMD64 dual core and I'm still using the same copy of Win2K, But like the Xp2200+ Boostc keeps throwing "Access violations" so much so that I cannot even get the licence installed. I did notice on the forum that certain Win2k licence keys maybe the problem, but since I've been using the same Win2K & licence across all my machines and the P3 worked OK, this would seem not to be the case, unless it only affects AMD machines. Also at the time when I was using Boostc on the P3, I sugested Boostc to two of my friends who were coding pics for a living. I contacted them both in the last week to see how they had got on with Boostc and found that both of them had got the same "Access violations" and had both given up trying to use it. Iterestingly both were using Win2K and AMD systems at the time, one of which was a laptop. All my testing has been with a clean install of Win2k & Service Pack 4, with no other software or drivers except VGA card drivers which have all been different, although all have been Nvidia. If anyone has any sugestions or work arounds I would be grateful, as I've now no way of codeing for pics. I realise that changing my OS may well be "an" answer but as my job is writing for Win2K with MSVC6, the last thing I want to do is change my OS at home. Errors from two different win2K installs using ver 6.97 below:- Error: Access violation at 0x005612A8 (tried to write to 0x000000B8), program terminated Error: Access violation at 0x008892A8 (tried to write to 0x000000B8), program terminated
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