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  1. Hi, After a Boostc test period by modifying several apps maded in another compiler (very old) allready working in my costumers, i decided to adopt Boostc and use it for a new real project. One of my needs for this particular project is, to have a 24 bit data type. So, there is a way to define 24 bit data type variables ? Another question is: When i close/save my work to continue in the next day, when reopen it next day or several times in the same day, all work files opened in the edit area (right side) in the previous session, are closed. So, every time i have to open this files manually. They are some missing IDE configuration to do that automatically ? I mean: "When reopen one project all files opened in the previous session are reopened automatically" Thanks joli
  2. Hi again IanM, Getting your teaching i do this for arrays as showed below, because is another need i have. Not just by change code for BoostC, but because i like reuse the same location with different names of variables, depending the function i work on or also because resource limitations, when it's possible of course. typedef union { bits rxbuff[20]; bits txbuff[20]; }commbuff; commbuff u_cbuff; #define rxb u_cbuff.rxbuff #define txb u_cbuff.txbuff void main( void ) { rxb[0] = 1; // 0xA0 RAM location in my case txb[0] = 1; // txb share the same RAM location that rxb[0] as i whant } Thanks again, Best regards joli
  3. Hi IanM, What you done here, showed how much i have to learn about c# yet. Thank you so much for your precious help. Joli
  4. Thank you Reynard, The only way i know to do this: union { short smyword; struct { char mylo; char myhi; }mylohi; }myword; void main( void ) { myword.mylohi.mylo = 0x10; // in my last e.g. mylo = 0x10 myword.mylohi.myhi = 0x20; // in my last e.g. myhi = 0x20 } Do this for thousands of code lines i have, is very boring. As you said, i can conclude that i haven't a way to modify my apps's with minor changes !? I will look to macros you talk about. I suspect my old compiler immediatly assigns an address for each var found. Thus, when it looking a new one: char mylo @myword, it knows what address is. Regards, joli
  5. Hi ryeg, Based on my own experience if your package header and tail has bit 7 = 1 and data in the middle have bit 7 = 0, including the checksum byte, you can do the job without troubles. Of course data bytes must have some work before send and also some work after received. Regards, joli
  6. Hi, On my old compiler if i'm not whant use structs, i can define this: unsigned int myword; // 16 bit variable on my old compiler unsigned char mylo @myword; // lsb 8 bit of myword unsigned char myhi @myword+1; // msb 8 bit of myword Thus, i can write my code like this: mylo = 0x10; myhi = 0x20; The result inside of myword is: 0x1020, where low byte comes first (lowest ram adress). I know i can do it with strutures or with pointers. For what reason i ask about it? Because i have a huge apps that i need eventually rewrite for sourceboost, with minimum changes. I apreciate any help, Thank you Joli
  7. Joli, Try #pragma DATA _EEPROM, 1, 2, 3 ... Regards davidb Thank you David, Now i see my type mistake.
  8. Thank you Dave. Meanwhile i included my own names and works as expected. Related with pragma directives, i tried to use #PRAGMA DATA_EEPROM, 1, 2, 3, 4 ... as mentioned on the manual, but compiler result is: C:\Programas\SourceBoost\boostc_pic16.exe -t PIC16F628A cofcgd.c mainfile.h(6): warning: unknown or invalid pragma (ignored) As mentioned days ago, my version is SourceBoost Full. Any suggestions? Thank you, Joli
  9. Hi, During tests i have doing with SourceBoost, i found an issue on p16f628a.h include file. Originaly include file have: - #define _INTOSC_OSC_NOCL 0x3FFC but lacks definition: - INT OSC CLK OUT ON RA6 so i inserted on p16f628a.h: #define _INTOSC_CLKOUT 0x3FFD On my mainfile.h i have: #pragma DATA _CONFIG, _PWRTE_ON & _WDT_OFF & _CP_ON & _LVP_OFF & _MCLRE_OFF & _INTOSC_CLKOUT As my old compiler do, it gives me the freedom to define what i want, but Sourceboost gives me a compile error, after this include: mainfile.c error: invalid pragma DATA argument '_INTOSC_CLKOUT' I think definition labels can have any name i like, since sintax and argument is consistent with rules. can any body make light on my mind? Thank you Joli
  10. Hi, Firstly, my apologyses if this isn't the right place to put my question. There is a way to SourceBoost c compiler version full, produce a output list file with asm code, produced by the compilation? In may case only an header is generated, nothing more. I can't find nothing related in the pdf manual, also in this forum. Thank you very much Joli
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