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  1. Hi sulfuric. The instruction set in the 24FC are more similar to those of the dsPics. Nothing to do with 18F. Regards
  2. I need fixed entry points in the program in order to jump from the bootloader to the beginning of main and the interrupt routines. Can it be done in boosC? The idea is to have the bootloader separated from the main program . So I can program the micros with the booloader and the boot the program after. Regards.
  3. Thanks for your fast reply. It works to reserve flash memory for the bootloader. But I need too to know how I can get fixed entry points to jump from the bootloader to the program. I need a fixed entry point for main for the Interupts with priority High and the Interrupts with priority low. I need fixed positions to jump from the bootloader. Thanks
  4. Hi All Im using a bootloader so I need that the origin of main would be located in the memory position 0x200 and intHigh in the 0x204 . I used before Basic 18 and I had Option resetVector 0x200 Option intHighVector 0x204 Option intLowVector 0x208 that conected my bootloader with the main and interrupt high functions. How can it be done in BoostC I think the problem is very general with bootloaders. Regards
  5. Hi When you press F5 first time the proyect compiles and assembles ok the first time. But if you changes something in the proyect and press again F5 the boostc gets crazy and writes in the output window "warning stack underflow " for ever and ever. I'm compiling with the version 1.9.3 and the target is the 18f6585 If you press the button B in the toolbar everithing goes fine. Regards A.S.H
  6. There are cases when it's necesary to protect zones of ram from using. Am example would be using the can bus in the pic18f458 it's necessary to leave free from the 0x51 to 0x5d in the Bank access A. as it's explained in the errata sheet. http://ww1.microchip.com/downloads/en/DeviceDoc/80134f.pdf How could be done in SourceBoost? Thanks
  7. Hi all Really a can driver would be most interesting because in a near future I intend to swicth all my comunications through that bus . It would be interesting to thinking about extending the compiler to the dsPics . I know it's a new development but in that case C++ would be the best compiler in the net for all the Pic products. ash
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