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  1. Hello everyone, I’m having problems with communication between 2 microcontrollers. The connections is made with RS232, 9600B. I am using rs232.h and rs232_driver.h The microcontroller which is sending (18F1220) does the following: Char buffer[10]; While(1) { Puts(“START”); Delay_ms(100); } The receiving microcontroller (18F4550) does the following: Char buffer[10]; Char received[10]; Gets(received); If(received==”START”) { Status=1; } Puts(received); //This goes to the PC’s serial port When I look on the PC with HyperTerminal I see START, empty line, START en so on. However the if statement isn’t executed. Does anyone know why I see START in HyperTerminal but isn’t detected by the if statement of the microcontroller? Any information is welcome.
  2. Hi Dave, Got it working now, I added the fuse settings from an example project which works with the same bootloader the code: So the solution was the -rb 0x1000 which you suggested and the proper fuse settings. Thank you for the help! Regards, Rick
  3. Hi Dave I did tested it but unfortunate it still won’t work. Regards, Rick
  4. Hi, I’ve got a question, maybe you can help me with the following: I programmed a 18F4550 with the HID bootloader v2.6a from Microchip, the bootloader works fine. But when I make my own program in SourceBoost and shoot the hex file in the uC with the microchip software the program won’t start. I didn’t put any fuse settings in the SourceBoost program because I want the use fuse settings that are needed for the bootloader Microchip says the following: ''As currently configured, the bootloader firmware resides in program memory in address range 0x00-0xFFF'' so I used -rb 0xFFF as linker option. Anyone got an idea what may be the problem? Regards, Rick
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