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  1. Hi all, I am using BoostC to program a small project I am building using a Pic16F628. I am hoping to use the hardware USART of one PIC to transmit a byte of data to another PIC using wireless modules attached to each PIC USART port. I only need 1 way comms between one transmitter pic and one receiver pic. I am a little lost as to how to use the USART. I have looked at the rs232_driver.h file and am still a little lost. I understand about the different registers that need to be setup such as SPBRG and TXSTA, RXSTA etc and understand how to program it in assembly but I am unsure about how to do it in BoostC. Can anyone give me any pointers as to how to setup a simple program that sends data via USART and one that receives data using USART. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks
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