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  1. Sb plugin did work in MPLABX v5.00 (and lower). project did also compile. Installed MPLABX 5.10 today, installed SB plugin as in MPLAB v5.00, installation works ok, like in MPlabX v5.00. restart MPLABX, toolchain is added to list in tools/options/embedded tab in MPLABx 5.10. open project is ok, Hit clean and build project button in MPlabx, Information window opens: Compiler toolchain "BoostC" of type "BoostC" does not exist.Please visit Tools/Options/Embedded to locate an installation of this toolchain or to select another compiler toolchain. Project is not cleaned, and compiler does not start. Embedded Build Tools tab: Type: SourceBoost Language Toolchain Base Directory: C:\Program Files (x86)\Sourceboost C Compiler: C:\Program Files (x86)\SourceBoost\xlaunch.exe Make Command: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microchip\MPLABX\v5.10\gnuBins\GnuWin32\bin\make.exe
  2. I see that the document " MplabX_Plugin.pdf " in the source boost install is chanced. On page 9 is an explanation how to force the compiler: To force BoostC or BoostC++ use command line argument -force_c or -force_cpp. To force Chameleon use command line argument -force_chameleon To add command line argument right click on the project inside MPLAB-X and open project properties dialog. this is a far better method , so forget about chancing "build tools" file names Lieuwe
  3. hello, I have source boost v7.41 installed, when I look to the download http://www.sourceboost.com/Products/IdePlugins/Download.html There is no V7.41 plug-in pack yet. Although v7.40 plug-in seem to work with 7.41 IDE, is the upgrade to 7.41 on the way, or must I use the 7.40 plug-in with the 7.41 IDE ? Lieuwe
  4. Installed V7.41 with new souceboost MPLABX - plugin. into MPLABX v3.65 When I open a project in MPLABX , I can get to File>Project Properties. It would be nice that i can switch between compiler Toolchains: (screenshot print screen copy paste not allowed in this forum,) "You are not allowed to use that image extension on this community." The XC8 compiler in this example is selectable v1.42 or v1.43. The Sourceboost compiler has just one taste. It would be nice to have the option in this screen to switch between C, C++ and Chameleon. A way that works is: Go to Tools>Options>Embedded>Build Tools. Default the C Compiler is : C:\Program Files (x86)\SourceBoost\xlaunch.exe Click on the .... box after the line C:\Program Files (x86)\SourceBoost\xlaunch.exe , so you can chance this to : C:\Program Files (x86)\SourceBoost\c_pic16.exe and Apply Now this project, and al other sourceboost projects, compiles with Chameleon, without altering file names. To switch back, just select C:\Program Files (x86)\SourceBoost\xlaunch.exe again. Lieuwe
  5. Just curious about "Chameleon" The fact that there is c_pic16.exe (2064Kb), boostc++_pic16.exe (2124Kb) and that c_pic16.exe (4156Kb), in combination with the name "Chameleon", does this mean that the new compiler is a C and C++ combined ? Microchip does have / borrows this, for their 8 bits Atmel parts (avr8-gnu-toolchain), but does not have it for their 8 bits (PIC16 and PIC18) parts. Nice move, Pavel ! The compiler message: "WARNING: Try our new Chameleon C compiler. It's fast, free and 95% backward compatible with BoostC." What is the 5% that is not?, what are the differences?
  6. It works. " BoostC compiler executable in a safe place, rename the Chameleon executable into BoostC " That will be boostc_pic16. exe / boostc_pic18.exe VS c_pic16.exe / c_pic18.exe. Compiling works, it looks like Chameleon is more restrictive on the same code, i get errors, while i do not see those with BoostC. Errors were the result of " extern volatile char eedata ; " in the code, of course there was already a declaration in the header file (include map in source boost installation). " ..\EEprom16F87XA.c(30): error: failed to add variable 'eedata', variable with this name already declared on C:\Program_Files\SourceBoost\include\PIC16F877A.h:399 "
  7. New targets supported in version 7.40: PIC16F1459, PIC16F1788 and PIC16F1789 are now supported !
  8. After some time, a lot of upgrades in Sourceboost V7.40, thanks for that. When I build a project with MplabX, i get messages in the Output window of MPlabX: C:\Program_Files\SourceBoost\include\system.h(40): WARNING: Try our new Chameleon C compiler. It's fast, free and 95% backward compatible with BoostC. I would like to try this, I see in the Sourceboost IDE "Active Tollsuite Selection" where I can choose "Chameleon" "normal" use of the MPlabx plugin works fine, with BoostC version 7.40. Also I removed and installed the MPlabX plug-in (in Sourceboost 7.40 the version seems the same as in 7.3 (plug-in version 1.0) The document "MplabX_Plugin.pdf" in the Sourceboost 7.40 directory does not describe the use of "Chameleon" either. So how do I manage to use Chameleon in MplabX ?
  9. UPDATE: Problem disappeared in new MPlabx Version 3.35
  10. Situation 2 computers: win7 32 bit, another computer win10 64bit. SITUATION BEFORE: Sourceboost v7.30 installed in "C:\Program_Files\Sourceboost" on both systems. (no spaces in path name). MPlabx 3.26 installed by default settings and sourceboost plugin installed. Source boost projects compile, and link without problems. After UN-install MPlabx 3.26, and installation of MPlabx 3.30 Sourceboost plugin installation works without warnings. but... when I restart MPlabx, MPlabx v3.30 gives a warning: "Could not generate makefiles for configuration default" and compiling Sourceboost projects in MPlabx is not possible any more. Switching back to "Situation before" (MPlabx 3.26) does solve the problem. This situation behaves the same on both systems (win7 and win10) Is an update of the Sourceboost plug-in necessary ? Or is there a work around to use Sourceboost in combination of MPlabx v3.30. I have re-installed MPlab 8.92 for use with Sourceboost now (with use of ICD2 and pickit 2) For new projects with new target chips, I use MPlabx v3.30 in combination of XC8 compiler with ICD3. I hope Sourceboost comes with updates for the plug-in and the many new pic16F1xx targets. Sourceboost is a great product,specially in combination with the 16F1 targets running small but reliable firmware. Suggestion : keep source boost simple and do not try to defeat XC8 with complexity, beet it with small reliable software for a fair price, for an MCU that suits it , focus on the new small 16F1 targets. Leave the complexity and the frameworks for the ARM processors and compilers. I am afraid Sourceboost is going out of support, but I hope that I am wrong on that. And if Source boost is a dead end, well, then I thank Pavel and Dave for the great software I used so many years with satisfaction.
  11. It has been more than a year ago, since new targets were added. To stay competitive to the XC compilers it would be really nice to take advantage of the many new PIC16F1 chips. Like the PIC16F1789. I do not expect to have all the library’s to work with this new devices, I can write my own functions. But it would be a good thing to have a sort of upgrade / expansion pack for new target support, so we can get the include files for those new targets.
  12. Hello, The MplabX plugin does work now, that is great. But.. it still points to the "old linker name". (ok, it's only the message, after the message and clicking OK, the linker does work.) How can this be chanched, it would be nice that you can point MplabX to the right linker location for sourceboost, like you can set the locations of the xc8 compiler and linker. Or that the .nmb file uses the right linker location. Lieuwe
  13. Look at the toppic: Pinned Problems And Workaround When Trying To Add Sourceboost Toolchain In Mplabx Fails you can find this toppic at: SourceBoost support forum → PIC and SX Embedded Programming → BoostC and C2C compilers programming It is a work around, I hope it will be fixed in the next relaese. Lieuwe
  14. Hello, This is com-sourceboost-toolchain.nmb file from the Sourceboost V7.10 installation. By copying this file in the Sourceboost V7.11 installation folder, the MPlab plugin should work. Also Copy boostlink_picmicro.exe to temporary map, rename this file to boostlinkpic.exe Copy this file back to Sourceboost Installation folder. There is already such a file, but that file is only for displaying "You are using Old Linker name" Lieuwe com-sourceboost-toolchain.zip
  15. Hello, I had to install sourceboost V7.11 to work with MPLab X 1.60, on a windows XP 32 bit machine. After following the instructions in the MplabX_Plugin.pdf document, all worked, plugin installed as described on page 5. All was ok, till the "Add New Toolchain" part on page 8. Somehow MPlab cannot find the files needed, after browsing to the SourceBoost installation directory, the "base directory is not set or invalid" message stays. And the ok button stays greyed. After some frustrations and a moment of getting a bit more relaxed, 1. UN-installed sourceboost V7.11, and also UN-installed the pluging in MPlabx. 2. closed MPlabX 3. Installed sourceboost V7.10 4. installed MPlabX plugin according the instructions in the MplabX_Plugin.pdf document, all worked also "Add New Toolchain" part on page 8. worked with V7.10 5. tried to compile and link a project im MPlabX, all works as expeted. Then.. 6. closed MPlabX 7. UN-installed sourceboost V7.10 but made no chances on plugins or other things in MPlabX ! 8. RE-installed sourceboost V7.11 skipped the intergrate in MPLab part, during installation 9. skipped also the MPLab plugin part, hoping the plugin install of V7.10 was still there and would work with V7.11. 10. compiled and linked a project with sourceboost V7.11, all worked. Conclusion: it seems that somehow I have problems with the V7.11 MPLab plug in, that were not there when using the V7.10 version. well.. It works again, I have several Boost C licences on different machines, glad they all work again. Be course it is a verry good Compiler for the monney it cost, compared to the verry expensive node locked XC8 compiler. For a Euro 787 u get SW006021-2 - MPLAB XC8 PRO: Microchip MPLAB XC8 C Compiler V1.12 Copyright © 2012 Microchip Technology Inc. License type: Node Configuration ../interrupt.c:109: warning: variable "_dummy" is not used Memory Summary: Program space used 62Dh ( 1581) of 2000h words ( 19.3%) Data space used 7Ch ( 124) of 170h bytes ( 33.7%) EEPROM space used 0h ( 0) of 100h bytes ( 0.0%) Configuration bits used 1h ( 1) of 1h word (100.0%) ID Location space used 0h ( 0) of 4h bytes ( 0.0%) For Euro 155 u get same project in Sourceboost V7 commercial license BoostLink Optimizing Linker Version 7.11 http://www.sourceboost.com Copyright© 2004-2013 Pavel Baranov Copyright© 2004-2013 David Hobday Warning unreferenced functions removed: display_symbool_fel in: E:\C_code_in_MPLAB-X\codeslot_sb\4x7_segmentLED.c stop_interrupt in: E:\C_code_in_MPLAB-X\codeslot_sb\interrupt.c Building CASM file Memory Usage Report =================== RAM available:368 bytes, used:122 bytes (33.2%), free:246 bytes (66.8%), Heap size:246 bytes, Heap max single alloc:95 bytes ROM available:8192 words, used:1658 words (20.3%), free:6534 words (79.7%) What makes you pay 5 times extra? Lieuwe
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