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  1. Just figured it out!!! My code works perfectly. The problem was how i had the switch hooked up. You should have the off position pull the input pin to ground, then pressing the switch should bring the pin high.... floating pins are a BAD IDEA.
  2. I'm beating my head against the wall trying to figure out what i thought would be a trivial task. Last night it took me longer than i expected to get the right configuration for my 16f88's just to flash some led's. Well i finally got that to work now i'm on to simply reading a switch and having a hell of a time. My connections are simple, Vdd and Vss, an led through a 200ohm resister from porta.0 to ground. I'm then using a 10k resister to connect Vdd to porta.1 to simulate a switch. What is happening is randomness. I have tried a few different examples on how to read a switch but they all
  3. The Arduino compiler has this spiffy function called pulsein that gives you the pulse width of a pulse on a pin. What is the easiest way to accomplish this with boostc?
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