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  1. Input *must* be on a PORTA ADC pin. If you choose a different PIC it doesn't work in the simulator! Also the signal generator and variable power supply plugins to feed it a voltage level are only available if you have bought the extra plugin pack. You wont have any problems if you debug your ADC related code on real hardware with an in circuit debugger. Microchip MPLAB + a PICkit 2/3 or ICD 2/3 will do the job quite nicely. You will need to make an equivalent MPLAB project and rebuild it from within that to enable source level debugging. Thanks for the useful info IanM; sorry for the late reply - been on vacation. I have been coding in hi-tec C within the MPLAB environment and then running the code in an ISIS lite developed circuit which works fine. BoostC is something of an alternative and looks like a cost saving excercise. I have purchased the additional plug-ins; one question- I am using a 16F877 PIC to evaluate BoostC and when configuring the ADCON1 reg control bits for adc mode, is it required to include the Vdd and Vss references within the PSU plug-in?
  2. Exploring Boostc as an alternative code developing package Done all the preliminaries, plugins and samples, but the ADC does not appear to want to cooperate . Is this function operational with the free code Thanks in advance, anyone!
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