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  1. Hi dave, Sorry it took so long to reply. The above message was all the i got from the MPLAB program. I am now using the SourceBoost compiler alone. It generates the hex file and allows me to step thru the code, so it will have to be enough for the moment. I will try to fix this at some future time, and will probably have to ask for your help then. thanks again, regards, MB
  2. What else appears in the MPLAB build window?Which version of MPLAB are you using? Regards Dave Hi dave, sorry it took so long to answer, but the message was all that i got from mplabs. In the mean time i'm using the SourceBoost compiler alone, since it can give me the hex code and i can step thru the code for debugging, the minimum requirements. i'll try to resolve this later and perhaps i can get your help at that time. thanks again, regards, MB
  3. Hi there again, I'm trying to compile a .c program using the sourceBoost compiler. Here is the code // Timer.c #include <system.h> //config device #pragma DATA _CONFIG, _CP_OFF & _BODEN_OFF & _PWRTE_OFF & _WDT_OFF & _HS_OSC & _MCLRE_ON //-------------- DATA MEMORY ------------------ unsigned char counter; // counter variable // the number of TMR0 overflows //-------------- PROGRAM MEMORY --------------- /*--------------------------------------------- Subroutine: INIT Parameters: none Returns: none Synopysis: Initialize all registers associated with the application ----------------------------------------------*/ Init(void) { tmr0 = 0; //clear the TMRO register /*Configure Timer0 as follows: - Use the internal Instruction clock as source to the module - Assign the Prescaler to the watchdog timer so thew the TMR0 increments is set to 1:1 ratio with the Instructuion clock */ option_reg = 0b00001000; } /*--------------------------------------------- Subroutine: Main Parameters: none Return: none Synopysis: Main Program function ----------------------------------------------*/ main(void) { Init(); //initialize registers while(1) { // poll the TOIF to see if TMR0 has overflowed if(intcon.T0IF) { ++counter; intcon.T0IF =0; //clear the flag for next overflow } } } the prog compiles in sourceboost, but when i create a project for the .c file in MPLAB and try to compile , i get a "Fail to load C:\timer.cog " message. Am i missing something, should i be asking the MPLAB people? thanks for your help MB
  4. Thank you Dave, I'll give it a shot. regards MB
  5. Hi there, I'm not sure if this is the right place to place this question, however.... I purchased the C++ compiler . i installed it and neglected to activate the "MPLAB" option. The documentation(reference manual) suggested a manual copy of the files. i did it but the BoostC++ compiler does not show up in the MPLAB IDE. The documentation does not suggest a fix, it simply states that if the languge tool locator did not show the compiler, then the integration process was not successful. So, the question is , How can i get the MPLAB IDE to 'see" the Boost C++compiler. thank you for your help, regards MB
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