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  1. Have you connected the MCLR pin to Vdd using a 10k resistor?
  2. I compiled it straight out of the box - a 16F877 which is stated as being one of the emulated ADCs in the IDE manual.
  3. I can't get the asm.__c project to work. It compiles fine but portb always shows 00000000 on the LED bank when I change the analogue voltage on porta.0 using the PSU plugin. Is there some other undocumented step I am missing or has the adc_measure() function changed? Is the ADC in fact even simulated at all? Thanks.
  4. May I also add a request to make the simulator and its plugins compatible with the 12F series PICs, in particular be able to choose GPIO as a port. Thanks.
  5. I notice that the 12F series register GPIO is not available on the port dropdown list on the LED and button plugins. How do I get the plugins to work with a 12F675? Thanks.
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