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  1. Hi Dave, how can i use PIC16LF1847? There is an 16LF1847.h - File in the include-Directory, but this type doesn't appear in the Target-List (or i can't find it) I'm using Boost-C Version 7.01. Greetings Peter
  2. Hi, i have loadad the new targets (4.11.2010) to my sourceboost directories config and include. But in a new project i can't see them (pic16F1947). Explorer shows me correct .tdf in config and .h in include. Release is 7.01. What can be wrong?
  3. Hi Dave, thank you very much! I think this was a lot of work to be done! Bye peter
  4. Hi Pavel, any chance to write programs for target pic16f1946/7? eventually by editing the files from target 16f1936/7? i'm now using c-compiler version 7 thank you
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