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  1. Bug description:

    A string can be declared as follows:

    char* MyString = "Contents of string"

    Missing of the '*' either causes the compiler to crash or mess-up some way.



    Steps to reproduce:

    Attempt to compile the following code (in a file "bug.c"):

    #include <system.h>
    void main() {
       char* String1 = "I will compile!";
       char String2 = "I upset the compiler!";
       while(true) {

    Doing so will produce the following output:

    BoostC Optimizing C Compiler Version 1.9.3 Beta (for PIC16 architecture)
    Copyright(C) 2004-2005 Pavel Baranov
    Copyright(C) 2004-2005 David Hobday
    Exit code was 128.
    Removing target: bug.obj
    Failed to locate output file 'bug.obj'


    I assume the compiler is crashing


    Declaring String2 as a char* instead will compile.



    Expected behaviour:

    The compiler should throw up a helpful error message.



    Is the problem 100% reproduceable:

    Yup, every time!



    Tested on:

    IDE version: 5.8

    Compiler: BoostC

    Compiler version: 1.9.3

    Target device: PIC16F877

    OS: Win2k SP4

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