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  1. Using IDE 7.01 on Windows 7, using selected target PIC16F723 This is the simple C source ---- #include <system.h> #pragma CLOCK_FREQ 16000000 #ifdef _PIC16 #pragma DATA _CONFIG1, _DEBUG_ON & _PLL_EN & _BORV_2_5 & _BOR_OFF & _CP_OFF & _MCLR_EN & _PWRTE_ON & _WDT_OFF & _INTOSCIO #pragma DATA _CONFIG2, _VCAP_DIS #endif void main() { ansela=0; // Set digital mode for all Port A lines adcon0=0; // Disable all AD Conversion adcon1=0; // cpscon0=0;// Disable capacitive sensing cpscon1=0; sspcon=0; // Disable serial port SPI trisa=0b11000000; trisb=0b11000000; trisc=0b11000000; porta=0xaa; portb=255; while(1); } ---- Which compiles to the ASM code below main ; { main; function begin BSF STATUS, RP0 BSF STATUS, RP1 CLRF gbl_ansela BCF STATUS, RP0 BCF STATUS, RP1 CLRF gbl_adcon0 BSF STATUS, RP0 CLRF gbl_adcon1 BCF STATUS, RP0 BSF STATUS, RP1 CLRF gbl_cpscon0 CLRF gbl_cpscon1 BCF STATUS, RP1 CLRF gbl_sspcon MOVLW 0xC0 BSF STATUS, RP0 MOVWF gbl_trisa MOVWF gbl_trisb MOVWF gbl_trisc MOVLW 0xAA BCF STATUS, RP0 MOVWF gbl_porta MOVLW 0xFF MOVWF gbl_portb label1 GOTO label1 ; } main function end ---- Observations 1) When stepped using the debug mode stepping through TRISA load and the debug register for TRISA remains 0000 -- Unexpected 2) Stepping through next line TRISB load, both PORTB and TRISB registers seem to display 0xc0 (from 00) -- Unexpected 3) Stepping through TRISC load, TRISB register displays correctly. 4) Stepping through the PORTA load, the displayed register remains firmly at 0x00 -- Unexpected 5) Stepping through the PORTB load, the displayed value is 0xff which is correct. Unless I have misunderstood how this simple program should work, the debug stepper does not behave as I expect. Is this a bug? or can some one enlighten me. This is repeatable. Many thanks C.
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