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    License Key Has Expired For V7 ?

    Many thanks for resending it. The first one definitely did not arrive, but all is up and running now. Thanks for your help.
  2. PeterH

    License Key Has Expired For V7 ?

    Hi Pavel, It's U1664956101 Should we do this off-forum? I'll send you an email. Cheers, Peter
  3. PeterH

    License Key Has Expired For V7 ?

    Nope. 48 hours after the receipt, not a sign. I hope I don't have to reload version 6.
  4. PeterH

    License Key Has Expired For V7 ?

    I started a new project today and got a notification that a new version of the compiler was available. So I upgraded. Tried to build and just like the OP I got a failure notice saying that my licence had expired. OK I should have checked before upgrading, but I have now happily paid for a new licence (your payment system is not very user friendly but that’s another issue). Now I’ve received an email to say that my licence key will be with me in three days. So, my project is on hold for three days. I am certainly not happy about that. Have I done something wrong here or have you really designed a system that puts a three-day hole in your customers’ schedules each time we upgrade to the next version?