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  1. Hi Is there a c2c version for linux that supports the PIC16F630 ? PS thanks Ive found your c2c compile invaluble so far. Regards Sean
  2. Hi all Just installed the new version of c2c on linux, with a new licence. Within the install directory I try ./c2c -PPIC16F84 -otest.c -Ip16f84 test.c I get a segmentation fault! The same with any of the example code. My test code is this; //for PIC 16F84 target char state = 0; main() { state=1; } I'm running red hat 7.1 on a dell (intel celeron) Ive tryed with minimal command line option to no avail...GDB says it crashes when trying to look at a directory that is not there? Am I doing somthing basic wrong? thanks Sean
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