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  1. How is the development of the PIC32 compiler progressing? Are there updates on the development of this compiler? I am really looking forward to the release!
  2. Today my Sourceboost 7.01 IDE would not start. Sometimes, it crashes without any warning. Sometimes i get a "SourceBoost IDE MFC Application has stopped working" popup. Until today it worked perfectly. I have attached the Windows eventlog to this topic. It seems a file cannot be found. After installing the previous 6.x version the IDE starts, but after installing 7 it crashes again. I have tried to remove the installation and folder and reinstalling it. That did not help. Does anybody have a clue where this error comes from, and how i can fix it? Or is there a debug commandline option to give a better log so i can find out what is wrong? I am running a 64-bit Windows 7 installation on an AMD system. Update Today i have made a ProcessMonitor (procmon) log of the starting and crashing of SouceBoost IDE. I hope it will help in finding the solution. The log is attached zipped in native ProcessMonitor format , CSV and XML. Eventlog.txt ProcessMonitor_logs.zip
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