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  1. Hello, I have found a weird bug. I was just using this code to test my serial library, and this happens. When I use this, the mcu starts sporatically messing some of my digital I/O pins. for(i_ser = 0; i_ser < PACKETSIZE; i_ser++) { //Test: Serial_Packet[i_ser]++; send_char(Serial_Packet[i_ser]); } when I use this, it works fine! for(i_ser = 0; i_ser < PACKETSIZE; i_ser++) { //Test: i_data = Serial_Packet[i_ser]++; send_char(i_data); } anybody know why this happens? Thanks for the help, Dan
  2. Does anyone have source code for delay libraries for a 16F87X/A 20MHz that are inline or could be easily converted. I am worried about my stack overflowing, and the delay functions always seem to be at the end of the call tree. Thanks Dan
  3. Another question about the port definitions: I cannot get the compiler to accept port definitions declared extern in a header file, or declared regularly in the header file or any other way, other than directly in the source file. I need to be able to have this declared globally in the header file because there are multiple source files that use this header, but it won't work. I've tried numerous things, including: .c file: volatile bit NC_0 @ PORTB, 0; .h file volatile bit NC_0 @ PORTB, 0; or extern ' ' or just declaring them in the header file, and whatever else I could think of. error just states " general error" Any reason for this? Dan
  4. Thanks Dave, Any idea when 32 bit math will be implemented?
  5. Hi guys, I'm new here, and somewhat new to programming, so please bear with me. With the BoostC compiler, are signed data types allocated with an extra sign bit, or is the MSb the sign bit. So the values of a short would be either -65535<=x<=+65535 or -32767<=x<=+32767 Also, I tried using the int data type, and had problems. Are all arithmatic operators fully functional for 32 bit? Thanks for the help Dan
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