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  1. Ok. Found the problem. It is that damn short jump. How can I change BoostC to make startup code so that it would do a long jump? So it has to do: movlw 0x00;high byte of long jump movwf 0xA;zero PCLATH before jumping to startup. Is it possible?
  2. Yes, it starts every time without bootloader. Seems that first 4 bytes, which bootloader copies to another location, doesn't work correctly. I'm not so familiar with PIC ASM, but I think that BoostC generates code where jump to start of program is a 'short jump'. Then when bootloader does this 'short jump' from another bank, PC jumps to somewhere in unused memory. For some reason it sometimes works. Can I change BoostC to do this jump as a 'far jump' somehow?
  3. Doesn't anyone have any idea to fix this problem?
  4. Hi! I was looking for a good tiny bootloader for 16f877. I have used one PIC bootloader +, but for some reason it doesn't work correctly. It doesn't start my program in power up. I have to do MCLR reset and randomly it starts my own program. Any better loader or fix for this?
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